I say I’m scared

Afraid of whatever may come

Sometimes, I feel like it’s a total loss

There are times where I live life in F-E-A-R

Uncertainly lingers still

Despite love and devotion.

I want to be brave

Strong as steel

There are things I am afraid of

The kind of fear that is both seen and the unseen

I’m confused

I don’t get it.

I don’t understand and I never will

God — Through my late mom (RIP)

Created me


I’m HIS child as well as others

No matter how upset —



Jealous and any other kind of feeling

He know all about ME.

Even things I never knew about MYSELF

I never knew.

Even in times of hurt and sorrow I feel in my heart

I know that He is right beside me.

I know that I CAN be brave

So, no matter how difficult the situation may be…

Let me ALWAYS be brave inside myself before my Heavenly Father.

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