Written By: Devon Natasha Roberts

Before I write this, I would like to say that the characters in here are fictional and should not be copied for any reason. The story in this book and these names should not be used in any way, shape, or form. Thank you very much.

I will also like to thank the staff from Pathway, especially Sylvia Ward who has been like a mother to me even though I’ve lost my own and also my service coordinator Natalie Farnsworth, because she’s a really nice person to talk with and she sympathizes with me because she has lost someone in her life as well and she knows how difficult is it to grieve for someone that you’ve been loved.

Characters Are: Iris Harrison, Ursula Harrison, Brian Force, Pilot Bruce Ferguson

Beginning of Chapter One

It all started when twins Iris and Ursula boarded the “American Airlines” plane which was in the process of flying from the United States to Paris, France at 6:00 at night. The sky was extremely cloudy and while Pilot Bruce Ferguson flew the plane cautiously, Ursula flipped her long, dark, blonde hair a little nervously even though she had her seat-belt on over her body. As she tied her hair into a weak bun, she asked her sister who was sitting next to her by the window, “Do you think we’re gonna make it safe to France?”

“Yes, of course, Ursula.”

“I’m terrified, sis.” Suddenly, there was a man with brown hair, piercing blue eyes wearing a “V” neck shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, was looking, practically staring at Ursula. She had no clue what this man’s secret was, but she thought he was great-looking, so she mouthed the words silently, “Hi” while Iris wasn’t watching. Just then, when the stewardess came over to Ursula, she said as she gave her a drink along with a napkin below it,

“Compliments from the gentleman at seat number 43.”

“Thank you.” Ursula replied to the woman who gave her the drink and napkins as well.

“You’re welcome.” As Ursula looked over to the person giving her the drink, he smiled and winked at her while nodding; raising his glass also.

“Did I see that man raise his glass at you, Ursula?”

“Um hmmmph.”

“He’s cute!”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to think of him as just a cute looking man. I’d like him to be a gentleman, you know opening doors for me, giving me things without me asking…” All of a sudden, the man who gave Ursula the drink went over to her after taking off his seat-belt and said with a grin, “Hello, Ladies, How are you both?”

“We’re fine.” Both Ursula and Iris said in unison. After the sisters introduced themselves to the man whose name was Brian Force, went back over to where he was sitting because the turbulence was starting up again and everyone was told to put on their seat-belts so that no one can get hurt. Both Iris and Ursula had no idea why the pilot did not make an emergency landing since it was raining so hard.

“Make an emergency landing NOW… Please!” One of the ladies on the plane yelled at the pilot pleadingly as she quickly took off her seat-belt and pulled out the vest that was underneath the chair and the oxygen mask that was over her head and both Iris and Ursula did the same. As twins, Ursula was afraid of water, however, Iris wasn’t. So, as the pilot tried to make an emergency landing, it wasn’t possible because it continued to downpour havoc on the plane, allowing it to splash into the ocean and everyone’s journey of making it to France at that moment was short-lived.

“May-day, may-day, May-day, American Airlines plane 214 is going down, May-day, May-day, May-day…” All of a sudden, all of the oxygen masks came down and Bruce; the pilot told everyone to take their swimming vests and put them on because all the people had to jump out of the plane, including the twins. When all the people got out of the plane and into the water, it was the twins turn.

“Ursula! JUMP!” Iris yelled while the plane was heading for the water.

“ I can’t!”


“I can’t do it!” After she pleaded with Ursula to get off the plane even though both of them had their vests on and oxygen masks over their mouths, the two of them were then pushed down and into the cold, icy water they went. When the two of them were now into the water, Iris was afloat, while Ursula was underwater since she couldn’t swim.

“Iris! Help ME!” Ursula’s voice bubbled while flailing her arms around the water although she still had the oxygen mask on her nose and mouth.

“It’s ok, I got ya…” Brian said to Ursula as he saw her drowning in the ocean, managing to hold her in with his big, strong arms, bringing her up to the surface. He then placed her in one of the emergency boats and took a blanket from the ICU kit and began to warm her up with it.

“A — Am I gonna be alright?”

“Yes, you will.” Brian said to Ursula with a wink and a smile. “And don’t worry about your sister, she’s gonna be alright as well, ok?”

“Sure.” Ursula replied as she was still shivering from the cold, chilly water ythe emergency boat and couldn’t find her twin. She was just about to call her twin’s name again when she saw her.


“Ursula.” After the two of them embraced where it felt like forever, the twins looked at each other, hugged each other again for dear life and when they were through, together they said in unison, “I love you.” After they giggled briefly, Iris said to her twin,

“I love you, too, but seriously, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Me, too.” As the two of them then looked over at Brian who was standing by the emergency boat railing, Iris walked up beside him and said thankfully,

“Brian, I’d like to thank you for saving my twin sister Ursula. She has been afraid of water ever since she almost drowned when she was nine.”


“Yes.” Iris replied. “But I really have to thank you for saving her life because I don’t know how it would have been like without her. I don’t think that I’d ever be able to survive.”

“You’re very welcome.” Brian replied back to her. But, he however, had a dark and deadly secret that he has been holding onto even up to that very night… And even when he saved this poor woman’s life who did not know anything about him and just the fact that that he saved her sister and his life as well.

“Thank you, again.” Iris said and was in the middle of leaving him when suddenly, Brian grabbed her violently by the right arm. “Hey!… What are you doing? What is wrong with you?”

“You look so delicious to eat, my dear. I’m hungry… I need a taste of you… Just one little bite…”

“What are you TALKING about, Brian? You’re not making any sense.” Just then, Brian looked up to the moon, which so happened to be full, and howled, screaming as he began to change into a werewolf. After Iris pulled her arm away from grasp because he was turning into this dark creature, she quickly ran down the stairs and before she could warn Ursula about Brian and who he REALLY was, she immediately took her hand and to her to come with her. When they hid at the base of the boat, Iris gave her the “run-down” information about what went down between her and Brian.

“Oh, so you’re saying that Brian is a werewolf? That’s so totally ridiculous, Iris.”

“I’m not lying, it’s the truth!” Before Iris could say another word, both her and Ursula heard people screaming coming up from the first deck followed by a howl after that.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Let’s get OUTTA here!” Ursula said to her sister as the two of them then headed to the nearest dock along with the people who were heading to France like they were in the plane. To the twins, that night became total chaos because all they could hear were people screaming and running every which way to escape along with the werewolf who was really Brian, howling and screaming at the same time as well as chasing us as human beings.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

It was about a half an hour later when the twins got out of the plane safely, which were soaked in their clothes because even though they both wore on blankets around themselves, they were still wet and cold, especially since it was raining so hard. As it continued, the rain was simmering down a bit, so another plane was able to travel to their destination, but before they all did, all of the people, including the twins, saw Brian’s werewolf body lying down on the ground since one of the people were animal cops gave him a shot which made him go to sleep.

While the twins looked over at the creatures’ body, realizing that it was Brian, they could not believe that it was the man, the handsome gentleman who saved them from drowning in the ocean while they were supposed to be heading on their trip to France.

“What time is it, sis?” Iris asked.

“It’s about 12 midnight.” Ursula replied as she took a brief look at her watch which was a tiny bit scratched and wet from the rain that was still pouring hard on them along with the people that were also going on the trip with them. One of the stewardesses from the plane showed the twins where to go so that they could get out from the constant rain pouring down, looking as if it wouldn’t stop. Bruce Force, the second pilot, then instructed all of the passengers to go inside the building so they won’t get soaked; so much so that they would end up catching a cold or even worse, the flu.

“Where are our suitcases?” One of the passengers asked as he was waiting for any kind of response from all the staff members who were on the flight as well as them.

“Fortunately some of them were saved, but others sunk into the water, so we will reimburse all of your belongings which were heading with you all to Paris. I am very for the inconvenience.”

Brian, who was still in the water, began to change back into a human being from being the werewolf that he was when the moon came out during the night. As he was able to walk back to where the other people were as they waited for the rain to subside, both Ursula and Iris along with the other people could go to France. His clothes were soaked as well as “half-on-half-off.” As he was walking towards the building, the passengers noticed him as he made his way inside as they were waiting for another flight to come in, waiting for the rain to stop so that everyone could make it to their destination.

“Get away from me, Brian… Now.” Ursula said as she saw him heading towards her.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Urs.”

“You turned into that THING and now you say that you’re not going to hurt me?”

“I’m not going to hurt you, Ursula, please believe me.”

“How am I supposed to believe you?”

“A spell was cast on me several years ago after I was born.”

“What are you TALKING about? You are not making any kind of sense to me.” Iris said to Brian as she looked at him with fright.

“I don’t know how I can ever stop turning into that THING you mentioned because whenever it is a full moon, it always happens.”

“I think that what you need is to have an antidote so you can’t turn into that THING again whenever there is a full moon.”

“Yes.” Brian replied. As he turned to look at Ursula, he said to her in sorrow, “I really like you, Ursula, and at the same time, I don’t want you to be afraid of me, that’s the last thing I want you to feel, is not like me because of what has happened.”

“So, Who put the underneath this spell so you could turn into this beast?”

“My thousand year-old grandfather.”

“Really?” Both Iris and Ursula said in unison with a gasp, as well as the passengers who were waiting for the weather to change.

“Is he alive?”

“Yes, he is… Well, sort of.”

“How so?” One of the passengers asked curiously while adjusting his now suede coat that was wet from the ocean and rain water.

“Well,” Brian said. “Like I said, several decades ago, when I was born, my grandfather wanted his daughter to give me up for adoption because he wanted her to give me up for adoption because he wanted her to give birth to a girl instead of a boy so that once this girl grows up, she could wait on him “hand and foot.” She decided to keep me despite her father’s wishes and when I turned 20, my grandfather hated me so much that he placed the spell to turn me into this monstrous beast that everyone sees me as whenever there’s a full moon each time. The change turns for the worse every time it occurs.

“We’ve gotta find your grandfather and get him to reverse this spell because you’re gonna scare me to the fact where I won’t even want to be around you even though you and I just met.” Ursula said to Brian as she was gathering her things together and was leaning against her twin sis Iris, almost shielding herself away from Brian as she was talking to him. While Ursula and Iris were able to finally have their things, the two of them quickly headed to the nearest bathroom that was within the plane resort and as they took off their wet clothes and set them down inside their suitcases, putting on dry ones. The twins said nothing, but in Ursula’s mind, she was thinking back to where she saw Brian, displaying good-looks and wearing cool clothing as they were heading to France, but she was suddenly beginning to have second thoughts about him.

While Iris was brushing her long, dark blonde hair and looking in the mirror as she was doing it, she noticed that her twin was totally silent when she was re-touching her make-up and then doing the same thing that Iris was doing, but just placing her hair in a ponytail. She then said to her twin when she turned to look at her with her hazel eyes, “Urs… Are you alright?”


“Is it about Brian?”

“Of course it is about him, Iris. On the one hand, he says that his THOUSAND YEAR OLD grandfather placed him underneath a spell that would turn him into a werewolf anytime there’s a full moon and then on the second hand, he’s a guy that I can’t resist. How am I supposed to like a guy when his secret is turning into some kind of beast?”

“Hmmm… Well, for starters, we could show him how to become a total gentleman before he turns into that beast, I don’t know how to feel.” When the twins were finally finished changing into their dry clothing from the ones that were wet from the rain as well as the ocean, the two of them headed out of the restroom and then went over to the seats, sat down and waited for the rain to end, so they could continue on their journey to Paris, France.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

“Welcome to Paris, France, American Airlines plane 420, please put your seat belts on and remain in your seats, take off all listening devices as we are heading for an immediate touchdown landing. Again, please remain seated, thank you.” One of the stewardess said over the intercom since the downpour for the night came to a close and all the of the passengers including the twins were able to make another flight to France. It was after the twins were heading away from the plane onto the the French airport once it touched safely down on the ground when Brian Force practically ran to catch up with Ursula and Iris while they heading to catch the nearest cab to take them to a hotel. He then said while he was catching his breath at the same time,


“Brian…” Ursula replied to him, giving him the cold shoulder. As Iris flashed her an expression on her face that seemed to say, “Hey, Come on, give the guy a break. He’s suffered enough already.” After that, she said, trying to excuse herself from the two of them, “I’m gonna head over to the store to buy me some snacks, OK, Urs?”

“Ok, sure, Why not?” Ursula replied. “I’ll flag a cab.”

“You do that!” And with that, she immediately ran to the nearest store that was at the airport and scooted herself inside.”

“So,…” Brian said, feeling a bit nervous as he shyly combed back his gorgeous brown hair away from his face with his huge, but slender fingers so he could look at Ursula with his piercing blue eyes, searching her own for forgiveness. “Look, I’m really sorry if I scared you when I turned into that beastly-looking creature. Believe me, that’s not the kind of person I am.”

“You scared a lot of people in that boat, Brian… Even me. But to be completely honest… I wanted to be with you, just like you wanted to be with me.”

“Really, huh?”

“Yes.” Ursula said with a smile. Brian was just about to say something else to her when she, on impulse, pressed her mouth onto his and began kissing him with passion. Because of how good of a kisser Ursula was, he couldn’t help but give in and kept kissing her back with the same kind of lust that she had for him, he had for her. As the two of them were still “getting it on” and Iris was coming out of the store to meet her twin inside of the airport, she almost dropped her “coca-cola” drink she had in her hand. Since she was fortunate enough to not have it spill it on herself, she immediately walked over to both Ursula and Brian and said a little hysterically to her twin while she almost dragged her twin aside away from him, “I KNOW that you like this guy, but you can’t just kiss him like that… You don’t even know him!”

“Who cares, sis?”

“Are you going to be stubborn about this, Urs?”

“No, Iris.” Ursula said, then added slyly, “I like him, and I’ll get to know him… This is supposed to be a fun time for the both of us, so please, don’t ruin it for me. I want to have a good time here, alright?”

“But, you just met Brian, Urs. I mean, yeah, you and I think that he’s a gentleman on the outside, but we both know that he’s a beast within. Are you prepared for all that?”

“To be honest, yes.” Ursula answered. “I am definitely falling for him and even though you are my twin, I thought that you would be happy for me. Although you’re my twin, we’re different in several ways and you can’t just boss me around whenever you feel like it. I think you’re just jealous of the fact that guys notice me rather than you. You don’t expose yourself so you could have a boyfriend, and right now, that’s what I’m looking for.”

“I am NOT jealous about that, not at all, sis.” Iris said to her twin. “I might not be happy that I don’t have one, but at least I don’t have to commit when it comes to having a relationship, and if guys don’t come around and not notice me, then they don’t. I really don’t care. At least there are other things I can do and enjoy rather than wanting to have a boyfriend. If I am interested in him, then I’ll show him that I am.”

“Remember how you told me on the boat that Brian was a werewolf?” Ursula asked her sister. “I didn’t believe you at all because I only believed that it was only a myth. I guess I was wrong at that point.”

“I saw the whole thing because I was on the upper deck trying to thank him for saving your life because personally, I don’t ever want to lose you as my sister as well as you being my twin. He scared everyone on that boat, including you and you s-t-i-l-l have feelings for him?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I know that sometimes, you and I don’t think on situations the same way, but I am hoping that you are making the right choice about this for yourself with Brian, OK?”

“Yes.” Ursula replied to her twin, almost firmly. “I really do find him attractive, and even at one point, you found him to be cute. Remember what you said about him before the crash?”

“Um, yeah, but you KNOW that that was BEFORE I found out what he REALLY was.” Just then, Brian came over to the two of them, and said with a sexy smile, mostly referring to Ursula,

“Hey, girls, What’s all the debate about? Is it about me?”

“Yeah, how’d you guess?” The twins said in unison, but Ursula added as she smiled back at him, “We were discussing the fact that you and I basically got to know each other, but somehow, we hit it off pretty quickly.”

“Oh.” Brian replied and then added, mostly staring at Iris’ twin with lust, “Isn’t it great how we hit it off and to be honest, I really like your sister even though she knows that my secret which is turning into a really monstrous creature whenever there is a full moon, AND each time, it becomes worse in every month. I was even told by one of my friends to kill myself before I kill somebody else whenever the full moon comes for me.”

“So, Will you?”

“No, of course NOT…” As Brian looked at Ursula, searching her hazel eyes with his blue ones, he said with compassion, “Remember when I told you that I wouldn’t hurt you once I turned into a werewolf? I would NEVER hurt you, but it’s something that my grandfather did to me and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“I got an idea…” Iris said to Brian with self-confidence in her tone of voice, “We could come up with a conjuncture, put it into a syringe and give you a shot, wait 24 hours and then see if it works the next time a “full moon” comes out.” Just then, one of the grey cabs came in front of the airport, and the twins saw it from outside, and the cab driver placed their suitcases in the trunk, they immediately headed over to it, but not before Brian gently held Ursula’s hand and gave her a passionate kiss on her mouth, lasting three seconds. He then gave her a small, post-it piece of paper, pressed it into her hand and whispered to Ursula in her ear, “You know where to find me.” After saying “goodbye” to him, she entered the cab and with that, he drove off from the Paris, France airport.

Ending of Chapter Three

Beginning of Chapter Four

When the twins finally reached the nearest hotel, the host that was the two of them greeted them with an “ear-to-ear” grin and asked politely, “Would you both like to share a room together or separately?” Once again, their answers crossed from being the same to becoming different. As she turned away from the host to her twin, Iris said to her,

“Do you really want us to have separate rooms and not together?”

“We don’t have to be with each other all the time, sweetheart. I still love you…”

“I know you do, but I love hanging out with you as my twin.” As Ursula smiled at her twin, she looked at the host and asked in question, “Is it ok if we have a room that is next to each other?”

“Of course, Mademoiselle.” The host replied, smiling again. As he held out set of keys once the two of them paid for it, he said to both of them, “One is at room 245 and the other at room 246, alright?”

“Yes.” The twins repeated to him in unison. Before they left, he said to them, “When you leave the hotel, we have surveys for both of you to fill out if you’d like and it is about our services here at the hotel, also what else would you like to see here if you are to come back to stay if you are traveling to come back to Paris again.”’

“Well, thank you very much, monsieur.” Iris said as she smiled at the host who was talking with the two of them. Just as the twins were heading over to their hotel rooms where they were going to reside in France, all of a sudden, they came across a whole bunch of photographers rushing into the hotel. As the two of them stopped walking to their rented rooms since they wanted to see what the fuss was about, they noticed and caught a glimpse of Keanu Reeves coming through the doorway. At the same time, Brian was just coming into the hotel that both Iris and Ursula were in. “Can you believe this? First, a total super-star comes into the same hotel that we are staying at, and then, Brian comes here as well! What a COINCIDENCE!” Ursula thought to herself as she tried to hide herself from meeting up with Brian, especially since she KNEW that her sister was about to be going “ga-ga” over Keanu while he was now walking over to the desk, trying to talk to the same host that the twins were talking to. Finally, when Brian saw her, he said with a grin full of sexiness,

“Hey, girl, What’s up?”

“Um, I’m just fine. You?”

“I’m doing good…” Brian replied. “Isn’t it weird that we’re staying at the same hotel together?”

“Yeah,… I know, right?” Ursula said back to him, in a slow tone of voice, which Brian suddenly liked. In Brian’s case, he really hoped and prayed that the antidote that Iris was talking about could work because honestly, Brian HATED being a werewolf, scaring of innocent people and hurting them by eating their flesh. One thing’s for sure, Brian was thinking of revenge of his grandfather, although his grandfather was one of him instead and he really didn’t want to be like that anymore. He was in this position for twenty years and that’s something that both Iris and Ursula didn’t even know about ever since they had the chance to meet him on their flight to France.

Finally after all of the photographers were finished taking pictures of Keanu since the police officers forced them to all go away, Iris was really lucky because she was able to take and have a picture of him as well as have his autograph. After that, she quickly headed over to their rooms and before the two of them unpacked in them, they asked the host for their phone numbers for each room and their request was granted. After the twins headed to their rooms, it wasn’t that long that they called one another to tell one another how much they missed each other although their rooms were door by door. Once the two of them were finally finished talking to one another, Ursula suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Ursula replied and without looking at the peep-hole, she opened it and saw that it was Brian standing by the entrance.


“Hi.” Ursula said while smiling at him. “Come in.” As Brian graciously stepped in, he said to her as he looked around and then sat down on one of the couches in the room, and while Ursula offered him a drink, he hesitated, but then changed his mind.

“So, What are you doing here?”

“Just to see you.”


“What was that for?”

“I still like you, Brian.” Ursula replied and then added, “You may be a beast on the inside, but I find you very appealing on the outside.”

“I scare you, Urs. I make you and innocent people afraid of me by being this horrible creature.”

“It doesn’t matter, Brian.”

“Yes, it DOES.” Brian replied while taking a sip of his alcoholic drink. “I could put you and everyone else in danger. That’s why I really need that antidote so this spell could be broken and I could finally be human just like everyone else.”

“I agree, but I should have believed you when you said that you wouldn’t hurt me .”

“Do you feel afraid of me now, Ursula? I’d like for you to give me your honest opinion.”

“Well,” Ursula replied as she went to the refrigerator to get something to eat, “I knew for sure that you were going to hurt me, but I began to slowly trust you based on the fact. I find you incredibly attractive and I wish that I could make love to you… And I feel like I want to…” After Brian placed his drink down on the glass table, he got up, stood in front of Ursula as he took her by the hand and as he was next to her, he slowly took off his buttoned-down shirt revealing his muscular chest, asking her almost in a whisper,

“Would you like to now? I know that you want to…”

“Yes… Um hmmm…” Ursula replied softly as she took off her blouse she was wearing and as she was raking back his brown hair, Brian began kissing her on her neck and mouth passionately, sucking on her with pure lust and desire. After Brian led Ursula to the bedroom of where she was residing, he laid her down on the bed, and together, they began making love to each other passionately once they made sure that the two of them were using protection, especially since in Ursula’s mind, she was kind of unsure about giving birth to a child at that moment in time. Brian was feeling really impressed with the way that Ursula was making love to him by kissing and caressing his whole entire body; head to toe. He then took control by rolling on top of her and while sensually holding her right hand tight in his grasp, he made her moan and sigh in delight. As the two of them continued making love, Ursula whispered to Brian for him to do it harder, he complied, but only for about a minute or two since he didn’t want to hurt her physically. To Ursula, it hurt a little, but as Brian continued, they were finally able to share their lust and passion for one another. Once they ended, they were exhausted from what they thought and believed was a good time for both.

Ending of Chapter Four

Beginning of Chapter Five

The next day while they still in France…

“Time to wake up, honey…” Brian said softly to his girlfriend as he kissed her gently on her forehead and once on her soft lips.


“Gotta get up if you wanna go sight-seeing with me…” Brian replied in a whisper into her ear. “Don’t you wanna take a tour and see how beautiful this country is?”

“Um hmm…” Ursula replied as she finally got up from the bed that was in the room which she was staying in while in France with her twin Iris. Ursula felt so lazy to actually get up from the bed since she was on the bed with Brian, but forced herself to with him and once she did, she took a shower with him and while she began to scrub his muscular chest, arms, she asked him as she smiled, “So… What did you think about last night?”

“I thought it was… absolutely…” Brian said and then added as he flashed a sly smile at Ursula as she smiled back, “Perfect.” As she was kept smiling as she had the opportunity of taking the pleasure of scrubbing Brian’s naked body and he did the same thing to her, Ursula had to laugh.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Just because…”

“Is this uncomfortable for you?”

“No, Brian.” she replied. “It’s just that it reminds me of when you put a baby inside a tub and you bathe him or her in it.”



“Oh.” Brian replied, flashing a bright smile at his girlfriend. “I find that doing this is very provocative.”

“And I agree.”

“Not that I don’t like it, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t want to disturb you taking your shower.”

“It’s nice having you here in the shower as well as having you on the bed.”

“Uhmmmm…” Brian murmured as he now held his girlfriend in his arms and then said to her seductively as he now sensually held her naked body in his arms, “You know… We don’t have to take the tour today since we are staying here in France for three weeks…”



“I don’t feel like taking the tour today anyway, Brian… So, can we just stay in the hotel until tomorrow?” Ursula asked as she took a look into Brian’s piercing blue eyes.

“Of course.” Brian answered, and then again added sensually as he took a look at the underwear that she was wearing at the time. “Do you want to make love with me again like we did last night?”


“Sure.” Ursula’s boyfriend said, as he began looking at her, undressing her with his blue eyes, pretending that she was already doing that to show him that she was ready to give him what she wanted.

“How about tonight?”

“That would be great.” Brian replied to her in the most sexiest voice ever. “I’d love it if we did it tonight. It’ll be good if we did because… I’ve fallen for you… And, I mean, I’ve really have. You are the most passionate woman I’ve ever had and have gotten to know.”


“Yup,… That’s what I’ve said, and I meant it.” Brian was going to let go of Ursula’s body when she didn’t want him to take his arms around from where he was at with her while they were still in the bathroom together.

“I want you…”

“Ummmm…” Brian murmured as he placed his hand into hers and put it to his left cheek, softly sliding it to his arms, down to where his private area was and Ursula watched as her boyfriend sighed and moaned as he closed his eyes in passion and the water that was still going in the shower changed from warm to hot while he wanted to make love to her right then and there instead of later on that night. She had no idea that he was also a hybrid of vampires as well as being a werewolf and as Brian saw Ursula’s vein that was showing from her neck, his two fangs bared and before he could chomp on it and suck it deliciously, there was a knock on the front door.

“Who is it?” Ursula said aloud when she heard another knock following by the sound of a familiar voice, knowing that it was her twin Iris calling her name.

“It’s Iris! I would like to go on the tour that’s happening at 1pm. Are you ready?”

“NO!” Ursula replied and then added, trying to hide her moan because Brian was still in the midst of rubbing her body, “I don’t think that I’ll be going today, and besides, we have three weeks to spend here in France, so don’t worry if I don’t go, ok?”

“Can I come in?”

“Um, Can you come back later on in the evening? I am with Brian right now.” As she told her twin that as a response, Iris said back to her twin, “Well, ok, I guess… Would you like to come with me to a club that they have here in France? It’s only 1 pound to get in.”

“Did you say a club?”


“Alright. I’ll think about it, Iris.” And with that, Iris left the entrance because she was talking through the door and Ursula couldn’t get out since she was still in the bathroom showering with Brian. As she smiled, she said to her boyfriend while continuing to rub her hands all over his body, “I don’t want to leave you today, honey… I want you now.”

“You have me and trust me, you will have me for life, but only if you want to.”

“I do.” As the water in the shower was still running because the couple were still in it, Brian saw Ursula’s vein again and when it was bared by her and he saw it, he gently tilted her head softly and then sensually took a bite and sucked on it desirably.

“Br — “


“You’re a vampire, too?” Ursula asked, struggling to speak as Brian continued sucking on her deep red-colored blood.

“Yes. Will you keep that a secret?” Ursula was so scared that she tried pushing him away from her body and she opened the shower door, went out of the bathroom, with excessive blood flowing from her neck. When she reached the small kitchen that was in the common area of the hotel room, she picked out a few paper towels, placed them on her neck wound and tried to hide away from him because she had already told her twin that she was going to be with him until the evening and she thought that if she left, he would follow her and again, put her life in danger like he did once before when he turned into a werewolf and both her and Iris were in the boat due to the plane incident the time before.

“Ok, Ursula, I’m sorry for what I did to you just now.”

“NO! You’re NOT!” Ursula said to her boyfriend in a tone that was filled with fear. “What excuse is it going to be this time? Will it be your family members that made you a vampire, and that I can’t be scared of you?”

“I should have told you… I’m a hybrid.”

“HYBRID? WHAT!??!” Ursula said as she was still crouched in her hiding place, totally away from Brian.

“I am a vampire and a werewolf. Are you going to be fine with that?”

“Fine with THAT?!?! Are you CRAZY?!?!” I thought that being a werewolf was your secret! Now, when my twin Iris is all gone by herself exploring France, you scare me like this by sucking my blood?” Ursula said to Brian as she continued to keep the blood from flowing out of the wound with the paper towels.

“Look, Urs,” Brian said to her and added as he finally found out her hiding place as he gently stood her up as they were now standing opposite each other, “I apologize that I sucked your neck because not only am I a werewolf, I am a vampire as well. I should have told you about that when my first secret came out in a bad way. Now, you’re the only person who knows that I am a vampire also. Are you afraid of me?”

“Yes, and no.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, because you are strong, and no because I know that you won’t do it and even though I may be afraid, I still have a sensual connection to you. I still want you, Brian.”



“Ok.” Brian replied as he gave her a romantic kiss on her mouth with his tongue and so then the two them headed to the living room, sat down together on the huge couch, fit for two, as they were still undressed with towels wrapped around their wet bodies, they continued to kiss one another desirably once they were now without clothes since they had their towels on. As Brian kept kissing her, he said to her in words as he kissed her mouth at the same time, “You-know-I-love-you-right?””

“Umm hmmm…”

“I want you.” Brian panted as he began to kiss her all the way from her mouth to her legs, causing adrenaline to rush all over Ursula’s body. The way that they were making love was so steamy and so right that they were going at it faster and faster that by the time they were done, they again for the second time, rested themselves on one another and slept for the rest of the day.

Ending of Chapter Five

Beginning of Chapter Six- Conclusion

“Oh,… MY… She’s precious… What shall we call her?” Ursula asked happily but toned-down as she had finally given birth to a baby girl with Brian by her side as her guide, holding her hand very tightly because although the two of them made love several time as they vacationed in France, and then came back to California, they tried one last time, after they decided to get married with the spell of Brian becoming both a werewolf and vampire broken by his grandfather passing away due to a battle that both Brian and him had when they met up into the foreign land.

“How about if we name her…”

“Bella.” Ursula said in whisper while the baby girl was crying and when he came out of the delivery room at the hospital, Brian said joyfully to his family and friends,

“It’s what I was expecting… It’s a GIRL!!!!” He was then allowed to go back into the room to see his baby girl again and as looked at Ursula, he smiled and said tenderly, “I love you so very much.”

“And I love you, too.” Brian then bent down to Ursula and gave her a desirable kiss on her mouth and they did that a few minutes, while Ursula had the baby in her arms. The family were the invited to come in and see her little body with their own eyes and were even allowed to take pictures of her while she was swaddled in little baby clothing. Both parents who named their daughter Bella Christina Force had no idea that after she was born, had a destiny to fulfill and that was to seek out both werewolves and vampires, putting them in their misery by killing them… And that she did to begin her life, knowing that the twin’s father did not tell anyone that there was an old scroll that was left by one of their cousins about their generation being that as Bella would grow up, she would have to act and do things that “normal” humans do, which was to get a job, go to school, play with friends, and even to her parents’ surprise, obtain a boyfriend when she became 18 years old, named Brandon Simpleton.

The secret that she knew about herself she found out from both her mom and dad years later. She did not want to accept it, but she did however, know that she had to do it because it was written in the scroll that she was the one who was given the cross that she HAD to always wear on her neck and some weapons such as a bows and arrows. Moral of the story? For each generation, members born from the Force family were all hybrids and they all had to be annihilated so that they wouldn’t be dropped out from the history books for other family members and even people who did not know about them would learn about their ways of living.

-The End

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