God Is Love

Written By: Devon Natasha Roberts

He is wonderful

He is always good.

He NEVER treats us bad.

No matter what we’ve DONE

He’s great- and I know it in my heart.

Been taught all my life

How to be good and humble

How to live simple and holy

According to His ways.

Part of my life I never worried

Suddenly, I messed up; “Screwed up”

Thought I would never have a second chance

Or even more

Thinking that everything was ‘all my fault’.

He forgives every TIME

Beating my emotions up for ‘what I didn’t know’.

As I lie down in bed each night…

I begin to think about how my day had been

The closure of it as I think of what to say to MY friend

I may be glad, or have no sign of remorse

Whatever feeling I try to hide inside myself, I can always tell my ‘best friend’.

He NEVER judges me

When nothing seems to go “my way”, and I am desperate

He tenderly holds my hand, my voice fades, and at that moment…

I calmly fall asleep.