“Golden Dreams”

Written By: Devon Natasha Roberts

  • Before I write this, I would like to take the time to say that the characters in here are fictional and should not be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you very much for your consideration.*
  • First, I would like to give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He is there at times when I needed Him the most and helps me and whenever I feel down, He’s the One to lean on.*
  • And, of course, there me to thank as well as God because I believe that He gave me the gift of writing, and I’m glad He did!*

School Of Gymnastics

Characters Are: Brandon Grey, Alexis Trenney, Lucinda Martinez, Crystal Bing, Cindy Perez, Piper Cooper, Cheyenne Fields, Celine McIntyre (“I” narrative), London Pike, Alexander Grant, Coaches Jenny Bent and Kelly Dence,

Chapter One

“2.9”. Coach Kelly Dence said firmly to Alexis Trenney while he was working on his routine which was the rings over at the gymnasium one Wednesday early 11:00 in the morning with his class watching him as well. “Disgusting. Try again.” After Trenney gave his coach a look of a slight scowl, he immediately tried again. He was afraid that he was going to mess up so badly that he looked up and over to his buddy Brandon Grey and from what was read from his friend’s eyes, Trenney could see that it was a look of encouragement and valor. After a few more tries of swinging on the rings, he just so managed to stick the landing. Since this coach was firm all the way around, she did nothing but changed her expression from a frown to one that was a bit strange: One that seemed to say, “Good”, but with her lips tight shut while she slightly nodded.

“Celine!” Coach Bent said aloud from across the gymnasium. “You’re next!” After I straightened my hair into a tight bun since I had long dark brown hair, “You’re up on the balance beam.” After I stuck my hands with some powder, I immediately managed to flip myself up onto the balance beam. I really loved doing the balance beam and it was because it was not only my favorite, I believed that it was a challenge for me. And, my coach who I thought then, was the best one ever because she was very patient with me — unlike Coach Kelly Dence, who in all honesty; I knew at that moment, was increasingly raw, strict, and firm all at the same time.

When Coach Jenny saw that I was wobbling and almost ready to fall, she held me up and I was finally ready to run and stick the landing. When I did just that, Bent smiled and said in encouragement,

“You keep this up, and you’ll end up in the Olympic Games.”

“That’s what my heart is set up for.” I said to Jenny as I smiled back at her. Just then, my bestest friend in the whole wide world Lucinda Martinez came up to me and asked while flashing an “ear-to-ear” grin at me,

“Done with your routine?”

“Always got some more to do.” I said as I shrugged my shoulders and left to go to the other side of the gymnasium.

“ALWAYS.” Jenny replied to Lucinda with a grin and added, “Besides, it’s your turn on the vault.”

“The VAULT?” Lucinda gasped, pretending that it was the worse routine ever.

“Yes… The vault.” Bent replied to Lucinda, but with a little giggle because of how my best friend made fun of the kind of routine she had to do just then.

“You got this… You can do it.” Bent reminded Lucinda as she watched her student signify her with both arms up in the air. After she did that, Lucinda began to run fast and after increasing her speed, she flipped, touched the “horse”, and created the landing after sticking it once more, signifying the ending of her routine.

“GO, Lucinda, GO!” I cheered.

“Awesome!” Bent said as she gave Lucinda a hug. “Now THAT’S what I wanna see from you! With hard work like that, you too could join Celine at the Olympics.”

“But, I have to be great enough to make it there.”

“And you will… Just like Celine will too. I believe that with lots of practice and plenty of time, your hard work will DEFINITELY pay off.”

“Thanks, Coach Bent.” Lucinda said as she flashed an all around grin at her and immediately headed over to the dance portion of the gymnasium to practice her flips and jumps there. She then sat down and began to exercise by stretching out her arms and legs. Over on the other side of the gymnasium, there was another student named Rachelle Roberts who was working on the beam who I never, ever talk to because I know that for some reason, I had a this feeling that her and I could never be friends. As I watched Rachelle walk around doing her rounds in the gym, one of my other friends named Cheyenne came up to me and said with a grin, “Hey, what’s up?” Since she was standing beside me, I turned to face her and replied as I smiled,

“I’m fine,… You?”

“I’m good.” I said and added while my focus was on Coach Bent as I looked at her helping one of the other students since my friends and I were enrolled in a school made for gymnastics, “Bent is the coolest coach ever.”

“Got that right.” Cheyenne replied. All of us spent the rest of the day practicing until we were finally able to end with the two coaches and I felt hungry when I was finished taking a shower and dressing up in the women’s locker room. As I was putting my long, dark brown into a wet bun so that it could dry, I saw Lucinda smiling my way as I watched as she was putting her jeans, topped off with her socks and sneaker.

“What’s the smile for?”

“I just felt like doing it.”

“You’re so silly, know that, Lu?” I said to her as I flashed a smile back at her and added, “Do you wanna go to “The Piper” {not related to “Piper Fields”} to eat after we’re done here?”

“Of course, darlin’. I’m craving for some diet soda, onion rings, and a burger also.”

“Um — Yummy.”

“And some mozzella sticks with sauce, fried chicken…”

“LUCINDA, STOP IT!” I whined a little and added, “You’re making me hungry even more!”

“Oh, I’m sorry… Did I do that to make you feel even more hungrier?… More than the last?”

“Oh, Lu…” I replied to her as I gave her a playful shove with my arm and with Crystal, who ended up laughing really hard because she as well as I, Cheyenne, Cindy, Piper knew all about Lucinda; her having the kind of personality who happened to be so down-to-Earth and positive and funny, no matter whatever came her way. There were times that made her feel disappointed in herself and all the girls, {including myself and the guys…} comforted her, she would just bounce back and become her positive and funny self again.

Ending of Chapter One

Beginning of Chapter Two

Over at “The Piper” that evening when the four of us shared a table together…

“Her face looks so much like a jaguar… Don’t you all think so?” Lucinda said while we were all talking about Dence that moment.

“What!?!?” I said to my bestest friend and added with a perplexed look on my face. “She certainly does NOT! You sound so ridiculous right now, know that, Lu?”

“I’m just sayin’…”

“How could you say that about her, Lu?” Cheyenne replied with a laugh. “She looks more like a crow , but when it comes to trying to teach us and coach US with all these routines, Dence is…”

“Like what?”

“A tyrant, let’s say.” I replied, but as I looked at my friends, I tried to act serious at the response I made, but I couldn’t help but laugh, and it was also all because of that funny and outrageous expression Lucinda flashed at me. This was also why I loved and respected her so much as my bestest friend in the whole world. Just then, the waiter named Hector going by his name tag, quickly headed over to where we were sitting to take out orders of what we wanted to eat at that time. Once we were all finished doing that and getting that out of the way with Hector, he turned away by heading to the back of “The Piper” while my friends and I continued talking about Dence, one of our gymnastic coaches and how firm she was but had an extremely disciplined attitude.

I did not recognize this, but there was a student in our class named Alexander Grant who was sitting in the middle area of “The Piper” staring at me, watching my every move as I was talking with my friends; wondering if he could ever get the chance to talk to me. When it comes to guys, I never really pay much attention to them because first, they never notice me at the gymnasium school and I only had two guys as friends. Though I noticed him, I never talked to him because he was ALWAYS surrounded by women that were my age as well as my friend’s own.

Grant’s heart skipped a beat as he watched as I nodded to my friends while smiling at their direction and let down and shook away my dark brown hair vigorously after I felt the long strands because they now became bone dry. He continued to watch me as Hector came back to our table and served us the drinks we ordered before serving the main course while the four of us did nothing but talk, talk, and talk while sipping on our drinks one straw at a time.

In my opinion, since I only knew him by saying “Hi” briefly whenever we saw each other, we never really had a real and civil conversation together because there were always girls around him and just from the way he looked, always wearing cute “V” neck shirts, blazers, blue jeans, cute brown diamond sewed-in stitches sweaters that made his brown eyes bigger and deeper than they seemed… And always with dark jet black shoes... Not to mention from the way he had his hair — no wonder the girls were all over him. It was boy-cut, with both brown and light brown highlights and it was always in his face.

While Grant kept on watching me with my five friends (and five since “The Piper” was packed…) over at “The Piper”, I sneaked a peek at the girls standing by him at the bar and I could feel nothing but disappointment because I never had a boyfriend {I mean NEVER…} and I only had Brandon and Alexis as friends, but I always wanted a man who would compliment me as well as vice versa. Alexander couldn’t help but watch me even more when Hector finally came over to our table of five and served our food and when he placed my course meal in front of me, I couldn’t help but think, “Ummm… Yummy…” It was five breaded shrimp with liquid butter as fried chicken and ketchup and I had a refill of lemonade when I asked Hector for some more. Deep in my heart, I felt bad because I didn’t have a boyfriend, but little did I know, there was definitely a man out there who would see me and would surround me with love.

“If only had the opportunity and chance to talk to her…” Grant thought to himself as he was still sitting at the bar over at “The Piper” restaurant. All of a sudden, I saw Grant get up from one of the bar stools after one of the girls whispered in his ear. As he did, I saw that she took him by the hand and made their way over to the dance floor. I couldn’t help but watch as both and this woman and Alexander were slow-dancing with one another as my attention was towards them rather than my friends at the moment.

“Something wrong?” One of my guy friends Brandon asked when he noticed my attention was focused not on him and my friends, but on completely something else.

“Oh, um,… No, B.” I replied, smearing a fake smile across my face. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, course.”

“Ok, but if you need anything, you can always come to me.”

“Sure.” I answered while I kept wearing the same fake smile on my face as I continued to watch Grant dance with the woman on the dance floor of the restaurant. Finally when they song was finished, everyone clapped and cheered including myself. After that, all of them headed over to the bar, immediately buying drinks as well as meals for one another there.

Ending of Chapter Two

Beginning of Chapter Three

As the night since my friends and I were still enjoying ourselves over at “The Piper”, I decided to take one more sip of my lemonade drink and the last bite of my breaded shrimp and my fried chicken, I quickly bid them ‘goodbye’ for the night.

“What’s wrong, Celine? Leaving so soon?” My best friend Lucinda asked as she watched me as well as the rest of my friends get up from the seat that I was sitting in and placed a tip on the table. Once I was finished placing on my dark “Taylor-made” coat and purse over my shoulder, I looked at my friends with a smile and replied, “I’m real tired, guys…. I’m going home. See you all next Monday for practice.”

“We’ll see you then.” Brandon said as he smiled back at me with a friendly wink which meant that everything’s going to be just fine. What I didn’t know was that as I left my friends who were still hanging there at “The Piper”, is that once I was making my way out, Grant was following me as I was heading over to my car so I could go back home. I was just about to open my car door because it was so dark and I had the car keys in my hand, I quickly turned around and gasped when I felt someone touch me by my right shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid… It’s only me, Alexander, Celine. Did I scare you?”

“Yes,… You certainly did.”I replied with a frown. “I was just about to go home from “The Piper”.”

“And leave all your friends behind?”

“You noticed, huh?”

“Sure have.”

“I’m just tired and I would like to get some rest from all I’ve done at the gym already. Besides, don’t you have another girl to dance with?”

“Jealous?” Grant asked.

“No…” I replied and then added as I wore on an expression that even Grant couldn’t tell because it secretly meant, “Why would I even be with a man like you?” “Why should I be?”

“Thought you would be.” I then asked as a question to him as I opened my car door and gave it a slam while wearing the same frown on my face. “Why don’t you go back there and mingle? I’m pretty sure that many other girls would love to dance with you.”

“I’d like to dance with you before you go home… Only one,… Please?”

“Sorry, gotta go.” I replied and after I turned on the ignition, I looked at my rear-view mirror and immediately took off into the night. By the time I finally reached home from being with my friends at “The Piper”, I realized that Alexander was sitting down waiting for me at my front porch. When I turned off the ignition and got out of the car with a slam once again with the car keys in my possession, I walked up the stairs, pretending not to see him and once he got the gist that I was, he walked up to me, held my hand slightly, asking while I placed my house key, giving it a little twist, “Forget something?”

“Um, no, I didn’t, Alexander.” I replied with the same frown I wore on my face when he was talking to me when I was going into my dark red Camero since all I really wanted to do was lay my head onto my pillow, cover up with my blankets and have a good night’s sleep.

“What do you WANT?” I asked Grant in exasperation.

“I wanna just talk, okay? Can we at least do that?”

“Alex… I can’t right now. I’m beat and I wanna get some rest. I am very tired.” I responded followed by a heavy sigh in my tone of voice.

“Well, can I at least come in at least so we could get to know each other?”

“I’m sorry, Alex, but I feel battered and bruised already from out exercise today. Please — Why don’t you just go away and leave me alone, ok? I’m exhausted and I want to catch up on some sleep. Please — Just go home.”

“Alright, fine. See you next Monday. I’ll definitely see you at practice.”

“Good.” I thought to myself as I was watching him get up from one on the chairs located on the porch and walked down the stairs; his back towards me. “Great, he’s leaving… Please God, just let him go so I could go inside and prepare myself to having a good night’s sleep, especially since it’ll be the weekend soon.” As I entered my house, I managed to quickly notice that Alex winked and flashed a tiny smile; finally walking away from me that night. I was so tired that once I was there, I dropped off my tote bag on my couch featured in the living room, quickly grabbed and placed on my pj’s, and finally got into my bed by crawling into the blankets I had. Once I laid my head on my pillow, I fell fast asleep.

The very next morning, which just so happened to be a Saturday…

“Hello? Who is this?” I asked groggily after I picked up the phone.

“It’s me, Lucinda! What’s up?”

“Sleepy. I really don’t feel like I wanna do anything right now; as of today.”

“Are you kidding, Celine? It’s gorgeous out here. I’m thinking about heading to the beach later on. Wanna come?”

“Not really… I replied and added as I took off the phone from the cradle since it was wireless, “Besides, it’s supposed to be extremely hot and there’s a lot of people who just might have the same idea as you have by heading to the beach. I should just stay away from the heat.”

“Oh, come on, Celine… Come with me… Please?” Lucinda pleaded to me.

“How about if we go to the YMCA and head over to the pool? How does that sound? I asked my best friend on speaker so I could make up my bed for the day.

“Sure, ok, hon — Awesome… We could do that. What time would you like to pick you up?”

“How about 2:00pm?”

“Totally awesome.”Lucinda replied to me and in a way I felt that I could so something fun instead of staying at home all day. AND, I really didn’t want to see Grant because he’s a total jerk I thought in my head and he’s the last person I’d like to see, especially since he’s been trying to flirt with me while I’m witnessing girls who are in the same class I’m in and at the exact moment, I don’t feel like wanting to be with him… Now now, and probably not ever. “Just try not to think about it, C.” I thought to myself as I continued chatting with my best friend Lu and when I was finished talking, I placed down the phone back on the cradle since it’s wireless, and began preparing for the day and thanks be to Lucinda, I was getting ready, especially since it just so happen that we were heading of to the YMCA because the pool was one of the features located there.

After I was finished eating a late breakfast, I quickly got my bag which contained my beach towel, goggles, head gear, as well as my pink and white swimsuit. I was just about to give Lu a phone call when I heard a sudden honk coming from a car parked in front of my driveway.

“Hey, Celine!” I heard Lu say and added as she waved to me from her vehicle. “Hurry up, GIRL! Let’s head over to the YMCA where we can scope out men as well as swimming! We gotta go! Don’t wanna be late!”

“Alright, alright… Coming!” I yelled back when I quickly locked the door and immediately headed over to Lu’s car.

“What had taken you to be late, girlfriend? Don’t you know what our scheme is for this weekend?”

Nothing much, but to answer your question, no, I don’t know.” I replied and replied with a smile, “I was just about to call you.”

“Nah, you didn’t need to do that, sweetie-pie.”


“No, I’m serious, Celine. Wev’e been best friends for like, 3 years already…”

“Yeah, yeah, 3 years, Lu, I know…”

“Anyway,” Lucinda said as she briefly looked at me and then added, “These exercises that these coaches for gymnastics is fun, but honestly, it’s really hard and everything…”

“But, I thought you liked it, Lu…”

“I do… I mean, I REALLY do, but what will I show for it?”

“Popularity, fans who would totally adore and admire you, AND plus endorsements.”

Oh, sure, but I don’t think that I want to go for money or even luxury,… Or even my family. I want to do this for myself,… you know?”

“Agreed, but don’t worry, I am and since we are the best of friends already, I WILL always be here for you.” I said to Lu as I was watching her while she was still driving the both of us to the YMCA so we could hang out at the pool there. It took another fifteen minutes for Lucinda to drive the two of us to our destination and after parking her car, we immediately headed over to the women’s locker room and changed from our “street clothes” to our bathing suits. Once we got there over to the pool since Lu had a combination lock to keep our belongings safe, we went to the pool and my to my demise, it didn’t me long to see that Grant was there with a few female students around him just like the night before. It was then that Alexander looked up saw me as he watched me flip my long brown hair and as I decided to have some fun with my friends, including Lucinda, because I really did not want him to ruin or as I should say, “Burst my bubble” trying to get me to talk to him like I did before. When Grant recognized me at the YMCA pool, he had the nerve to come over to me and my friends with a wink and a smile on his face and asked,

“Hey, guys, how are you doing?”

“What are you doing here, Grant?” Brandon asked in a snarl because just from the look on my expression, he could tell that I didn’t want him around our clique.

“I was just checkin’ in… Surprised to see you here, Celine. How are you feeling?”

“You don’t have to ask me that — I’m doing just fine.” I said to him while my both Brandon and Alexis as my “guy friends” noticed the fact that my expression was turning from a frown to a scowl and before I could show that I was livid, both of them got out from the pool; then headed both over to where Grant was and tried explaining to him that she wanted him to leave her alone.

In Cheyenne’s point of view; another one of my good friends, she was having a great time with me and her other friends, but she was just about to have a feeling in her gut that Rachelle Roberts, a girl that she met over at the school of gymnastics, wasn’t that much of a friend to her because whenever Cheyenne would say anything, she would brush her off by saying “Hi”, or “bye”without any kind of civil conversation, kind of like how I was with Alex. Cheyenne had no idea that both Rachelle was now and again staring at her while her other friend named London Pike was with her. The more they both stared at Cheyenne with us, the more jealous they felt about her. And both of them had a horrifying secret: Both of them were vampires as well as werewolves.

“Let me take her out and make her one of us.” Pike said to Rachelle with an devilish expression. “She’s so good at what she does.”

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