{About Xeyon- inspired by movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’}

Written by: Devon Natasha Roberts {character name: ‘Xeyon’}

Her legacy was inevitable

Her name is Xeyon

Asian featured girl

Only fourteen years old

With sister Gong Li — Eighteen

Together they both lived in a peculiar place until —

Gong and her sister were violently split up.

At fourteen years old, Xeyon was the ALWAYS the one-


Got blamed for things; like stealing for example

Rather than thinking for herself, she was so very naive-

Honey and water- What a shame.

By the 1900’s , this gorgeous, beautiful woman with pride

was able to fall onto ‘God’s Grace’ —

Wanting to be just like the other women around her,

A Geisha: Meaning “Artist” back in those days

Her journey took a great sense of pride

However, in the end of it all…

she finally became what she wanted to be…

After she quit high school… A Geisha

With strength and honor.

-Devon Natasha Roberts