Princess Warrior: Fill your own shoes

Make today your day! Step into your shoes and make 2017 a year of excellence! Everyday can and is a day of excellence. Get out of your comfort zone and be prepared to get “comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

Those shoes are going to take you places you have never been. You don’t have to wear anyone’s shoes but your own. Don’t worry, they are not going where your going. Change your shoes, change your destination. Ask yourself, where do I want to go today?

These shoes are made for walking, but you will do so much more warriors. Leave behind the old you, the old way of thinking and be the person you want to be. Step out of your old shoes and into the new you! 2017 is your year to achieve anything you desire. Let go of your limiting belief and start today as the you you are meant to be!! Those old shoes are worn out, time for new shoes. What women doesn’t love new shoes?

“Don’t try to fill anyone’s shoes, fill your own shoes with champagne and toast to your greatness. You have arrived!!!

Make today a day of excellence in mind, body and soul. Step out of your comfort zone and wear the new you. Because honey, IT LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!! Your mind is so powerful, think as you have become, not as you are. Wear those high heels and be prepared to shake It!! This year is the year of you!

So today, let it all go. Embrace that warrior and shine like a diamond. Shine bright. Everyone want’s a diamond. You have so much to offer. Here are some tips to help you shine warrior.

  1. Embrace yourself and don’t be afraid to let things go. Let the old fall away. I promise, you won’t miss it
  2. Try something new everyday and let go of the fear and “JUST DO IT”
  3. Make sure to feed your body as well as your mind. Eat healthy foods. This will help you to think and feel good in all areas of your life.
  4. Educate yourself, read as much as you can. Education is a power food. It keeps your mind healthy.

surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be like. What can you do to be the best version of yourself?

Make sure to be deliberate and focused!! The best investment is in yourself.

Love your new shoes, and all it carries with it. Your going places!! More shoes, more destinations. So many places you will go.I love the new you, it looks great on you!!

2017 Is your year of excellence!! Time to start walking…..

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