Something while having an exam

I’m having an English exam.Oh,yes,I’m a junior high school student from Nanchang,China.There’s still twenty minutes.And I feel so boring…So I just begin to write this.

I have to say,the English exam is always easy.Just some common grammar ,listening,reading and writing,nothing much.Yesterday we just learned the past perfect tens,and my English teacher used 45 minutes to teach us how to use it.Quite simple,right?

Well,back to the test paper,a question on the paper makes me kinda angry,it’s a multiple choice.

35. — Barcelona lost the match last night.
— __A__ It is unbelievable.They always win.
A.How come? B.Never mind. C.I can’t agree more. D.That’s common.

As a Barcelona fan,I can’t stand it,so I put it modified into:

35. — Barcelona beat Arsenal 2–0 last night.
— __D__.They always win.
A.How come? B.Never mind. C.I can’t agree more. D.That’s common.

There’s still ten minutes…Yep,the composition,the title is…

How to Prepare for the Senior High School Entrance Examination(around 80 words)

I think 80 words are too short for me,and meaningless..


There’re 64 students in my class.Is it…too much?Now we have to study seven subjects,Chinese,Math,English,Physics,Chemistry,Social(Moral),History.That is.

One year ago,two of my classmates moved to the U.S.A. and one to the Britain.About two years ago,one of my classmates moved to Los Angeles,study and live there.He said there was fine,and,we,all of us miss him very much.June last year,he came here and visited us..

Well,the bell rings and I have to stop here…

As this is my first passage on Medium,there may some grammar mistakes..Please excuse me.Some words are from Google Translate(perhaps these words are right).Thanks you!

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