Boo! How To Get Through Halloween Without Gorging On Candy

This time of year temptation is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in.

By Kelly Burch

It’s the end of October, which means Halloween candy is absolutely everywhere. When you walk into the office, stroll through the grocery store or even visit the pharmacy you’re bombarded with tiny temptations in the form of your favorite sweet treats. Having candy constantly in your line of sight can make it hard not to indulge, and once you start it’s virtually impossible to stop because of sugar’s addictive pull.

So, how do you sidestep temptation and keep from gorging on candy this Halloween season? It’s best to plan ahead. Here are a few tips for getting through Halloween without breaking your healthy lifestyle goals.

Knowledge is (Will)Power

You’re tempted by candy because it tastes great when you eat it. That’s a powerful pull. However, knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth might make the temptation just a little less strong. Take time to learn about the nutritional facts and sugar content of your favorite candies. Then, ask yourself if the candy is really worth it.

A single Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, for example, has 88 calories (half of which come from fat) and 8 grams of sugar. If you eat a few of those during the week you’re taking yourself off track from your goals. Be realistic about what you’re putting in your body in order to make informed decisions.

Limit Your Temptation

If you have easy access to candy you’re more likely to indulge. If you must have candy in the house to give to trick-or-treaters don’t open the bag until the little ghosts and ghouls start to arrive. That way you have less time to sneak treats for yourself.

After Halloween celebrations are over don’t be afraid to put the candy in the trash. It may seem wasteful, but eating all that unnecessary sugar isn’t just excessive, it’s harmful to your health. The kids, of course, won’t be too pleased about this plan, so try to get them on board with something like the Switch Witch, who changes Halloween candy for a special toy.

Sit Back and Take a Sip

If you’re fixated on getting a tasty fix, try skipping the candy and sipping on a sugar-free treat like hot tea or even coffee. Having a hot drink keeps your hands and your mouth full, minimizing the chances that you’ll mindlessly snack on sugary treats.

This Halloween stay focused on your goals for a healthy lifestyle. In the long term that will feel much more fulfilling than giving into temptation.

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