A few years ago, gamification was just starting to form as a buzzword. Other industries started to look at games like Farmville and Candy Crush and see what they could learn and implement into their products. Product teams were trying to figure out how to get the same level of engagement and screen time as these games for better or worse.

Defining gamification for product design.

So what is gamification? Gamification is taking aspects of your product and adding game like elements to it. …

300 people lining up for a photo.

In my 7 plus years in the creative tech industry I’ve gone to a lot of conferences, but none as humbling, passionate, and down to earth as Epicurrence — Montues. I think this comes from the fact that it’s not a conference, it’s an event. A event setup to get talented people together and talk about ideas and not sell them.

The premise of hangout and have fun together, allowed everyone to lower their guard and just be real. People had a chance to just get to know each other on an entire new level. …


Billy Sweetman

Some personal thoughts about life, being a husband, a father, a designer and being a human being.

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