300 people lining up for a photo.

In my 7 plus years in the creative tech industry I’ve gone to a lot of conferences, but none as humbling, passionate, and down to earth as Epicurrence — Montues. I think this comes from the fact that it’s not a conference, it’s an event. A event setup to get talented people together and talk about ideas and not sell them.

The premise of hangout and have fun together, allowed everyone to lower their guard and just be real. People had a chance to just get to know each other on an entire new level. No one was there pitching themselves, slinging business cards, and doing the conference shuffle. People were open, sharing ideas, having a good time and really getting to know each other.

I feel I got to know more people at this than any other event I’ve ever had the privilege to go too. It allowed me to just be myself and represent me as a designer. I got to meet some great new people and get back to a hobby I haven’t had a chance to enjoy in a very long time.

The setup for this event is important, it’s relaxed and unofficial. Snowboarding and skiing during the day, dinner and talks at night. If you wanted to just hang out in the lobby you’d have the chance to run into dozens of attendees and everyone welcomed everyone into their circle to talk shop, ideas, or just about day to day life. I was nervous at first because there was some amazingly talented people there who I look up to. Everyone was super cool and ready to talk and share tips, tricks and tools they use. It was great to get to know a few people who also work / run an agency about the same size as Zymo and really pick there brains.

I came back from this event inspired, humbled and ready to do great work. I met some great people who I want to continue the conversation with and I want to get back into a hobby I thought I didn’t have time to do anymore. I also want to say thank you to Dann Petty the organizer for setting something so awesome like this up and my friends Eric and Andrew at Headway for extending me an invite. If you get an invite or get the chance to go I highly recommend it.

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