Weekly Blog — 17.04 — Date Day

It’s petty quiet in our house early in the morning. The tea kettle slowly boils away and the baby monitor has a subtle hum to it. Always letting me know our daughter and Nimra are still deep in sleep. These mornings some of my favorite moments. They allow me to reflect, journal, read and get some me time.

As much as I like enjoy them, I still prefer family time over it and my favorite time is date time. Nimra and I are going on our date day, we do one a month at the moment since our daughter is still super young. She’s only 4 months old and we don’t want to over whelm our family by constantly asking them to watch her.

Today my sister is watching her, she’s really excited to spend the day with her as are our nephews.

I feel going on dates and just having adult time with your significant other is really important. I work, Nimra goes to school, when we’re home we have chores to do, make dinner, and most importantly tons of play time with our daughter. We get a hour or two after she goes to bed to spend together and have “adult conversation”. I put that in quotations because sometimes we just talk about 90s cartoons or other weird stuff. But that time gets sacrificed to homework or getting to bed early. Especially now that Nimra is in nursing school.

Date day or night really allows us to just be us, and not worry about work, home and school. It let’s us just spend time with each other. I mean we enjoy each others company and we’re best friends, it’s nice to just be able to talk about stuff and just be in the same space but focused on each other and not everything else that’s going on.

I feel more than balance, finding a rhythm in life is important. Making time for your significant other, children, family, friends, yourself and work is important. You need to find what works for you and your tribe or group. I just know one thing, going on dates with Nimra is still very important to me and I can’t wait to go!

Here are some photos from the week.