Weekly Blog — 17.05— Team Improvement Schedule

This week Nimra started school again. After taking some time to be home with Tovah, she was finally ready to get back to school. She was excited as was I, but she was also scared at how busy our schedules were going to get. It was a busy week but we managed and are really starting to look into how we organize our weeks. I will probably put a post up of our schedules at some point.

At the office we’re tackling some interesting projects, and about to wrap one of our longest running apps. Soon i’ll be putting together the case study for that and will share a ton of info about it.

We’ve also been having a lot of conversation about mentorship and continued learning in the office. How do we effectively keep all projects running while pushing ourselves to learn things that are out of our comfort zone and will expand our capabilities. We’ve talked about cross project task list and small team projects but each concept has it’s pros and cons.

Right now my objective is to make sure our projects are running smooth and our design process is solid and communications lines are open. Once that is running better I want to tackle this internal growth plan for our team. If we each can grow and become better in everything we do the company as a whole will excel.

I understand this is a lofty goal but we need to keep finding ways to push our selves and expand our horizons or we’ll all become complacent and that doesn’t sound like a ton of fun.

Camping expo from our date day! There was a single tent in this entire expo, mostly campers / rvs.

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