You Over baked Your Cake, Now What?

Today, I over baked a cake deliberately (eek!). This was such a great amount of harder than doing it coincidentally. My mind continued saying, “I should spare the cake!” yet I opposed on the grounds that I realize that every one of us over bake cakes now and again.

I needed to demonstrate to you a basic approach to turn your overbaked, dry, or even stale cake (or cupcakes) into something terrific. You may also visit online cake delivery in Delhi for more interesting cakes and recipe.

To start with, top off a ramekin with bits of dry cake — around 3/4 full.

Cake Crisp

At that point, top the over baked cake with the softened spread, dark-colored sugar, eggs, substantial whipping cream, vanilla, and cinnamon. On the off chance that you’d like, you can toss on some oat piece topping. Next, heat it!

When it leaves the stove, it would seem that an organic product fresh.

Cake Crisp

I cherish how spotless and current they look!

However, dive into it and you’ll see that it tastes simply like bread pudding (or perhaps chocolate bread pudding, espresso bread pudding, or whatever kind of cake you overbaked). Truth be told, this bread pudding is tasty to the point that you may need to over bake your cake intentionally! you can also visit cake delivery in Delhi.

Cake Pudding

Cake pudding inhales new life into your terrible cake and your visitors will be unaware. Appreciate!

The most effective method to Fix Over baked Cake

Servings 1 ramekin of cake pudding


Cake Pudding Ingredients

ramekin filled 3/4 full with dry cake broken into pieces I utilized 4" x 2.6" ramekins.

1 tablespoon unsalted margarine liquefied

1 expansive egg

1/2 tablespoons darker sugar

2 tablespoons substantial whipping cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Oat Topping

2 tablespoons oats

1 tablespoon darker sugar

1 tablespoon frosty margarine

Enhancement Ingredients

Berries to taste

Whipped cream to taste


Cake Pudding Instructions

Preheat broiler to 350 F.

Pour softened margarine over ramekin loaded with cake.

In a little bowl, blend egg, dark-colored sugar, overwhelming whipping cream, vanilla, and cinnamon until consolidated. You may also visit online cake delivery in Delhi for more interesting cakes and recipe.

Pour over cake.

Oat Topping Instructions

Utilize your hands to blend all fixings until the point that they meet up to frame coarse morsels.

Sprinkle over cake.

Preparing and Garnish Instructions

Prepare ramekin on a treat sheet (on the off chance that it rises over) for 30 minutes.

Serve warm and top with berries and whipped cream.

Formula Notes

Contingent upon how dry and how sweet your cake is, you can explore different avenues regarding adding more margarine or sugar to this formula.

The amount Does a Cup of Flour Weigh? I Weighed 192 Cups of All-Purpose Flour to Find Out.

What amount does a measure of flour weigh? It’s a vital inquiry on the off chance that you need to have the capacity to change over American formulas over to the metric framework or on the off chance that you need to separate a formula to see the proportions of various fixings. You may also visit online cake delivery in Delhi for more interesting cakes and recipe. Knowing the appropriate response can likewise help you all the more effortlessly scale formulas up or down.

In the event that you do a Google seek, you may end up on the Instructors page that says that a measure of generally useful flour measures 120 grams. Sweet frost says one measure of flour is 128 grams. The delight of Baking says something, calling one measure of flour 130 grams. You can also send cakes to Delhi to your loved ones with this recipe amazingly made by sweet frost.

Why would that be an inconsistency, what number would it be a good idea for you to utilize, and does it make a difference by any stretch of the imagination? I weighed 192 measures of flour to make sense of how much a measure of flour weighs!

I chose to take a gander at three unique factors that could cause weight variety: the technique for getting the flour into the measuring container, the brand of flour, and the kind of measuring glass.

This is a long post, so snatch a drink and prepare. In the first place, I share my discoveries. At that point, I handle the essential issue of whether the distinction in weight matters. Toward the end, I compress the greater part of my decisions (skip to that area on the off chance that you are short on time).

The Dip Versus The Scoop

There are two primary ways that individuals fill their measuring glasses.

Plunging measuring container

I’m calling the primary technique “The Dip”. This is the place you dunk your measuring container directly into the pack or jug of flour.

Scooping flour

The second technique is “The Scoop”. In this strategy, you utilize a scoop to pour flour from the pack or jug into your measuring glass.

Leveling flour

In the two techniques, it’s critical to level off the highest point of the measuring glass after it is full.

I ran 72 tests on every technique utilizing distinctive brands of flours and measuring glasses. Here are the found the middle value of results:

The Dip 139 grams

The Scoop 128 grams

Difference The Dip yields 8.5% more flour than The Scoop

Maybe additionally telling is the distinction in standard deviation between The Dip and The Scoop. I know, I’m getting all maths on you now. As a snappy math refresher, the standard deviation is a measure that is utilized to evaluate the measure of variety in a set of information esteems. A standard deviation of 0 would imply that I found precisely the same when I did things a similar way.

You can also send cakes to Delhi to your loved ones with this recipe amazingly made by sweet frost. What I found was that the standard deviation for The Dip was 2.43 grams and the standard deviation for The Scoop was 1.93 grams. Utilizing The Scoop yields more predictable outcomes.

The Flour Brand

Flour Brands

For this task, I took a gander at four distinct brands of flour: King Arthur Flour, 365 Everyday Value Organic (Whole Foods’ home image), Gold Medal, and Pillsbury.

While ascertaining the brand comes about, I utilized a normal of measures taken utilizing The Dip and the Scoop Method with an assortment of measuring mugs for each flour mark. The outcomes are as per the following:

Ruler Arthur Flour 138 grams

365 Everyday Value 136 grams

Gold Medal 130 grams

Pillsbury 129 grams

That is a 7.3% distinction amongst Pillsbury and King Arthur Flour!

The Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups

Will you get a similar outcome utilizing any measuring glass? It would seem that the appropriate response is “no”.

Yellow Cup 133 grams

Blue Cup 132 grams

Pink Striped Cup 135 grams

The distinction in standard deviation is additionally striking here. The yellow glass’ standard deviation was 2.80 grams, the blue containers were 2.05 grams, and the pink striped containers was 1.68 grams. I credit this to the round state of the striped glass and the way that it has to a lesser degree an edge. This makes it less demanding to level the container.

Fluid Measuring Cups

I am including a fluid measuring glass in this post since I realize that some of you utilize a fluid measure to gauge dry fixings. The standard deviation when I utilized a fluid measure was 8.76 grams! Since you can’t level a fluid measure, it is almost difficult to get an exact outcome utilizing one.

Does a 20 Gram Difference in the Weight of a Cup of Flour Matter?

The most elevated weight that I quantified for a measure of universally handy flour was 144 grams (King Arthur Flour utilizing The Dip) and the least weight was 124 grams (Pillsbury flour utilizing The Scoop). That is a 20-gram distinction. It seemed like a ton, yet would it truly matter? I needed to know. Along these lines, I prepared two chunks of bread.You can also visit cake delivery in Delhi.

I utilized a scale to quantify the majority of the fixings. I regarded a measure of flour as 124 grams for one roll and 144 grams for the other. I continued everything else precisely the same.

As the rolls were experiencing their second ascent, I as of now had my answer.

Bread Rising

The chunk on the left utilized the higher estimation and the piece on the privilege utilized the lower estimation. Everything else was the same. Goodness!

Bread didn’t rise

Here’s the way the two rolls cared for the heat. (For additional on this, King Arthur Flour has a fantastic post about how little contrasts in fixings can fundamentally influence bread heating.)

In bread preparing, flour is the fundamental fixing and connects with the yeast and the fluid. I thought about whether the distinction would be as noticeable in cupcakes where flour is only one of numerous fixings.

Two chocolate cupcakes

The chocolate cupcake on the left utilized the higher weight number and the one on the privilege utilized the lower weight number. In the event that you see a distinction, let me know. To me, they are essentially indistinguishable and they were likewise indistinguishable in taste.


1. On the off chance that a bread formula incorporates weights, utilize them. This can represent the moment of truth your final product.

2. Measuring utilizing weights may not make any difference as much for cakes and treats. In the event that you like utilizing glasses, stay with it and don’t stress. Be that as it may if it’s something fragile (like macaroons or baked good) or if getting a particular ascent is vital to you, I would, in any case, consider utilizing weights.

3. Never utilize a fluid measuring container for dry fixings.

4. Whenever possible, utilize a measuring glass that has a spotless, characterized top (in a perfect world with no lip) as it is less demanding to level and will yield more predictable outcomes.

5. The Scoop delivers more steady outcomes and a lighter weight than The Dip. Most cookbook writers will instruct you to gauge that way. Hear them out in the event that you need to get similar outcomes they do.

6. In the event that you effectively make a formula utilizing containers and need to make it again utilizing an alternate brand of flour, you may need to change the formula somewhat to consider the diverse weights.

The amount does a Cup of Flour Weigh?

In the event that you need to utilize weights and the creator of a formula doesn’t give you a weight or reveal to you which brand of flour they utilized or how they scooped their flour, I would utilize 128 grams for a measure of universally handy flour. That is normal over every one of the four brands of flour that I measured utilizing The Scoop. You can also send cakes to delhi to your loved ones with this recipe amazingly made by sweet frost.