Democratizing Real Food

When we started sweetgreen, the idea was simple: we wanted to solve a problem we had in our own life. Food was either fast, cheap and unhealthy or slow, expensive and fresh. One had to choose between health or taste. Price or convenience.

11 years later, the statistics are still staggering. According to the CDC, 36% of adults in America consume fast food daily. At sweetgreen, we believe we can help change that conversation and be part of the solution to fix fast food, which has long been fattening and heavily processed.

Across our 90 restaurants, over 4,000 team members make food from scratch, using fresh ingredients and produce delivered that morning. We don’t sell soda or use refined sugar.

  • Our supply chain is rooted in radical transparency with over 300+ sustainable farmers
  • Our menu is designed to be unique, habitual and healthy. We don’t fry our food or cook from frozen. Our dressings are prepared from scratch in-house.
  • Our distribution is omni-channel — you can order your meal in advance and have it delivered, pick up it up in our restaurant or at your office, through our outpost program or simply come into any of our restaurants. The experience is designed to be consistent no matter how you are ordering.

Our recent funding of $200M will assist us in our second act as we lead the future of food and build healthier communities. It allows us to continue to invest in the following key areas to transform people’s relationship with food (and do it at scale):

  • Supply Chain: we plan to scale a regional and sustainable food system. We also want to leverage blockchain to enable radical transparency at a systematic level. We hope to create better tasting produce and insights around each ingredient from seed to restaurant.
  • Technology: 99% of the restaurant industry is offline, while our digital orders are just shy of 50%. We believe that technology enhances the human experience, but doesn’t replace it. We are focused on personalization to meet customers growing demand for easily accessible, real food.
  • Social Impact: we plan to further our mission by expanding our “sweetgreen in schools program”, which reimagines school cafeterias and food education.

Over the next 5 years, I want sweetgreen to truly democratize real food with lower prices, more access points, flavor profiles and different cuisine categories. I want customers to be able to have sweetgreen whenever and wherever they choose with an offering that is personalized to them — truly creating intimacy at scale. To achieve this, the way we do things will evolve, but what will never change is our mission: to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Jonathan Neman
Co-Founder + CEO