One Fine Day

One fine day, I glanced up to the sky

And saw a leopard shooting by

I thought that occurrence rather strange

That big cat must be quite deranged

To think that he could take to wing

And have no one notice anything

I decided I have to follow him

If nothing else, to find out where he’s been

I lifted up into the clouds

(I did not want to draw a crowd)

The secret to flying is known to few

Otherwise, you’d do it too

Throw yourself to the ground like this

The tricky part is, you have to miss

Throw yourself down

Forget to hit ground

You’ll find yourself wafting thru the air

But you really do need to exhibit care

Not to think it odd at all

(A mile is a long long way to fall)

When you want to land, don’t try to think

Just let yourself begin to sink

Pretty soon, you’ll be on land

Once again to have to stand

Flying is a lot of fun

A very good way to get things done

Like finding that leopard, I haven’t yet

He may be playing he’s a jumbo jet

If that’s the case, it could be hard

To catch that silly flying leopard

I wonder if he just missed his prey

Or if he’d been training for this day

I can’t imagine what school him would teach

Or a payment plan within his reach

I know you must think it funny

For a jungle cat to have some money

Usually, they don’t carry cash

They keep stocks and bonds in a handy stash

But, very little interest do they earn

Because the stupid beasts refuse to learn

That even a one year CD has a higher yield

Than hiding securities in a field

All over the sky, this cat I sought

Until I had that disconcerting thought

If I caught him and put him in a cage

He could go into a fit of rage

A leopard puts up quite a fight

Slashing everything in sight

Maybe I’ll just let it rest

That probably would be best

It really has been quite a day

Since I downed that bottle of Chardonnay