The Millennial Stereotyping Needs to Stop Immediately

For whatever reason, millennials have been deemed one of the worst Generations. This is a stereotype if I have ever seen one and as a millennial myself it sickens me to see the things people say.

Now, I am no specialist when it comes to Generations, but I can tell you one thing — not one single person in this world is perfect. If you think you are perfect you may want to stop reading this post now.

I recently had someone tell me that when it is time to vote millennials don’t get out and vote. However, I completely disagree with that statement. This is the first year I have been following along with the elections, but I am still aware, and always have been, of what is happening in the world. This will be the first year I am voting, but I know a ton of people my age that go out and vote, and have since they were able to.

We want change, so why do you think our generation is fighting so hard for that change to happen? During the Baby Boomer generation a lot of changes happened and I can guarantee that the generations before them were not happy about those changes. But instead of the Baby Boomers getting bashed all the time, they get all of the praise. But aren’t they the same ones that are fighting against LGBT laws that are being passed? Aren’t the Millennials the ones fighting to get those laws passed?

We want to see change and we are fighting for that change to happen.

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