Faith, Purpose, Fear, Affliction, Resurrection, Power, Mission

Don’t allow yourself to find ways to work around the suffering associated with suffering and afflicting yourself (fasting). If you don’t embrace missional/purposeful suffering you can’t identify with the suffering of Christ on the cross. So you can’t really accept or understand what it meant for Him to crucify his flesh, you can’t crucify your own flesh and you relinquish your access to the power of the resurrection. You can’t go from faith straight to power. There has to be a crucifixion.

There is no power without resurrection. There’s no resurrection without crucifixion. There’s no crucifixion without discernment. There’s no discernment without a knowledge of who you are and what you’ve been purposed with. Find the mission, discern the path, undergo the crucifixion, accept the power, complete the work.

I think rejection/abandonment might be the hardest form of pain or affliction that we can experience. But it is exactly the kind of pain that Christ experienced on the cross. He felt the pain of not being bound to the Father AND the wrath of the Father whom He loved.

I received these words at a time when I was in the right place, doing the right things in the right spirit, but was still being rejected and abandoned and literally put out by people I’d grown to love. I was seriously starting to doubt myself, but these words carried me from fear of man to faith in God. And through faith, I was able to get through the pain, to crucify my desire for acceptance and to receive a praying power that is the BEST THING EVER!!