Build your own blockchain currency in a matter of minutes.


Ethereum was released three years ago — and it quickly became a de facto standard of decentralized trust management by introducing a powerful smart contracting platform. Together with its spiritual predecessor Bitcoin it also changed how the financial world works — by introducing a completely new way of sharing funds.

But despite of its popularity, the way how blockchain works under the hood is still a mystery for many developers. …

Build your own React clone in a matter of minutes.


React is a great library — many developers instantly fell in love with it due to simplicity, performance and declarative way of doing things. But personally I have a specific reason what makes it so special for me — and that’s how it works under the hood. I find ideas that stand behind React simple yet strangely fascinating — and I believe that understanding its core principles would help you writing faster and safer code.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to write a fully functional…

Paul Marlow

Developer @ Kiev, Ukraine. Check my site for details:

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