Love hurts

Love is for fools. I guess I was once a fool ?

I’m sorry that I lost myself trying to love you.
You were all that was on my mind.
You thought I was insane for loving you so much.
Your smile lit up my world. You inspired me to become someone better than I was.
As long as you were happy I was happy.
I didn’t need anyone else.
You were all I wanted.
But you left you didn’t come back.
Left… without saying a word.
You thought that I’d forget you, but I didn’t.
You were all that flood my mind.
The more I wanted you the more I couldn’t bear seeing myself breaking apart.
I couldn’t get myself to fall in love again. 
I was afraid of that feeling of getting hurt.
falling in love means to trust.
Building the trust between,
 two people is a long practice. 
Love can bring happiness and sadness into the world.
It is the most wonderful and the most painful feeling of all.
The feeling between a person is unexplainable and the feeling of being hurt is unbearable.
It could hurt, devour, or numb us.
We then slowly hide all the pain unwilling to open up again.
It is a mixed cycle between joy and agony.
Love makes us go crazy.
Falling in love can go where we lose sight of ourselves for someone else’s happiness.
Don’t fall too hard. I don’t want to see the pain in your eyes. You deserve to be loved. If not from another but from yourself.

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