On Sunday (4/28), we decided to work on prototyping our art space concept by drawing the space and collaging. We went to Ineffable Ca Phe with our art tools, such as colored pens, magazines, papers, and scissors, to get the feel how it is like to create art in a cafe.

We dove deeper on the concept of house painting since we think that it is consistent with the North Side artistic housing concept (yeah, the jazz house, remember?). We also think that it is a good way to connect people with local artists/muralists.

Then we started to brainstorm the stakeholders of our service. We named homeowners, local artists, tourists, house painters, incoming residents, and, of course, our service employees. We have not decided what kind of touch point that connects our user with the service will be. One idea was a website, so we also listed a programmer as part…

Shirley A. Hayati

Language Technologies Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University

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