According to world “life is a gift given by God to any living creature….”
But according to me “ life is completely full of adventurous , full of enthusiasms and thrilling….”
According to some group of people “ life is full of romance, full of drama …kind of stuff
Coming to another group of people “ life is full of action , invention , money making…..etc….”
“Inshort life cannot​ be defined in words or sentences though some prestigious moment or some situation can be defined but not the whole life….”
“God has gifted you this life so enjoy to it’s core instead of worrying for tomorrow which is not in your hand tho…..” I personally , would advise you not to take any one’s action or words spoken for you which hurted you the most , personally because holding those memories will never let you to live freely and ….. hence you can’t make the best memories to be remembered for… come on manh!!! It’s just one life to live all the beautiful moments don’t waste it on worst memory and stick to it for no reason….anywhich way you are nit gonna be paid or gain anything out of it……