‘Unknown Woman’ Episode 34 Recap Summary

Unknown Woman (also called Nameless Woman and The Woman Without A Name) Episode 34 revealed a truth that shocked Yeori.

Unknown Woman Episode 34

Yeori finds out Bom is alive

After meeting a woman from the orphanage, Yeori learns of the name of the hospital where Bom was treated — Gangnam Hospital. This strucks a chord since it is also the one owned by Jiwon’s family and where numerous monstrosities happened to Yeori herself. Therefore, she was certain Jiwon had something to do with what happened to Bom in Unknown Woman Episode 34.

She then user her position as a lawyer in WID Group to snoop around medical records in the hospital where she obtained the name of Bom’s attending doctor. After meeting with the physician who clearly remembers Bom with her four-leaf clover birth mark, it was confirmed that Bom is alive as the doctor said the child surely survived and he had no idea how the medical record showed she died.

Also, there was also a scene where Maya was talking to someone on the computer (who’s face was not shown) who she called “Bom.”

Yeori agrees to date Dochi

While this may be a good news to shippers, it didn’t happen in a way we would hoped. Yeori agreed to date Dochi as per Jiwon and Doyoung’s persuasion (to get to her good side and get Seol’s mother’s land) which Yeori agreed to in the spur of the moment.

(She was ready to ask Jiwon what happened to Bom and went to their home late at night. Fortunately, Mother arrived just in time to talk some sense into Yeori that doing so would crush their plan, endanger everyone in on the plan (including her, father, and Oliver), and ruin their chance of finding out Bom’s whereabouts. As an excuse, Yeori and Mother said they visited to inform them of Yeori’s agreement to date Dochi.)

To treat one’s wounds, Yeori opened her heart to Dochi by being truthful about Bom and how her ashes were lost. She also told Dochi of about informing Jiwon and Doyoung about agreeing to date — which Dochi excitedly concluded that they are officially dating.

Oliver trapped in Mooyeol’s mom’s home

Oliver, meanwhile, remains to be trapped in the house of Mooyeol’s mom. Despite his numerous attempts, his escape is always unsuccessful. On his last try, he once again backed down after learning it was the birthday of Mooyeol’s mom.

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