“Incredible” Lessons from the Musaeum

Francisco Benavides as GK and Trustina Fafa Sabah as Aku Maxilla. Image by Glenn Ricci.

I had the honor of attending? H.T. Darling’s Incredible Musaeum Presents: The Treasures of New Galapagos, Astonishing Acquisitions from the Perisphere”. I use the question mark after attending, because to experience a production by the good folks at Submersive Productions is rather like being enveloped in a show, giving meaning to the term “immersive theatre” I never thought possible. Many talented writers have covered the piece in feature or review form, so I’m not quite here to do that. I walked away needing to write about the show and I didn’t know how. And after I translated the magic of being profoundly affected, I realized what I gathered from my stream of consciousness were powerful Lessons. Or more modestly, here’s some free-writing inspired by a theatre piece.

Francisco Benavides as GK and Trustina Fafa Sabah as Aku Maxilla. Image by Glenn Ricci.

These lessons centered around 2 characters, Aku Maxilla (with whom I had a brief encounter with three other audience members), and GK (played by Trustina Fafa Saba and Francisco Benavides).

What Maxilla Taught Me

Trustina Fafa Sabah as Aku Maxilla and David Brasing as Carol the Curator. Image by Glenn Ricci.

To be in a Display Case is not a place of power, but only when you realize you’re in the Display Case can you break free and exhibit power you didn’t know you had. You may not be in the Position of Power, your power as an individual in that moment can be enormous. And others put you in the case so it’s easy to do it yourself but don’t: I don’t think you are ever going back, though, after others have helped you find your own humanity.

What I Learned from GK

Francisco Benavides as GK, during his revelation. Image by Glenn Ricci.

You fit into the cosmos somewhere, not necessarily in a pre-ordained way assigned by a deity. You may not be in the place where you fit, but you are worthy of stars and galaxies and they make you feel small and others may make you feel small and you may even make yourself feel small. But their vastness is there to remind you that there’s room for you and you belong. And sometimes it takes bravery to see your place and your grace, and even your majesty, and it’s just rubbish, one more thing to sweep, but there’s no rug and each time you look at the stars I hope you hear them whispering to you over and over again.

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