4 Warning Signs of Engine Failure

Car owners often get frightful of engine malfunctioning because it’s a costly affair to fix engine problems that crop up from time to time. Therefore you should notice the signs early which indicate of engine problems. If you detect the issue at early stage then it can be resolved through minor repairing which won’t cost you much. Otherwise it can lead to engine failure where you will have only one option of replacing it. Here we have shared some of the common points which indicate that there might be something wrong with your car’s engine.

  • Warning lights

When your car is in good condition, warning lights will turn on step-by-step. If in case warning lights are not working properly then it means there is something wrong with your engine. These lights are directly connected with sensors which are designed to monitor the engine’s health. If there is any issue then these sensors will indicate you of the problem with the help of these lights. The problems can be related to low oil level, oil pressure, worn piston, screw cap, etc. In this situation you should call the technician who can assist you in better way.

  • Problem in driving

Are you facing issues like jerking, stalling or surging while driving your car? If yes then it’s a strong signal of engine trouble. The issues can arise due to reasons like fuel filters, fouled spark plugs and clogged fuel lines. Do regular oil change and belt replacement to avoid such situation.

  • Irritating noises

If you experience any type of popping or tapping sound while driving then it means your engine has serious problems. Call the experienced technician to resolve this problem otherwise it can harm your engine.

  • Foul smell

Foul smell inside your car indicates of leakage problem and signals the emission of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. If there is any rubber burning smell then it indicates the problem of faulty belt under the hood.

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