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Engines have multiple parts like cylinders, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, engine block, cooling system, oiling system, spark plug, valves, flywheels, nozzles etc. It is not possible to discuss all these parts in detail here, so we will briefly discuss about the arrangement of cylinders and the categorization of engines based on such arrangement.

Arrangement of cylinders in an engine

Engine cylinders have pistons that move up and down in it. Cylinders could be arranged in different forms in an engine, three most common ones being inline, V and flat. Based on the arrangement of cylinders, engines are classified accordingly.

Inline arrangement

In this, the cylinders are arranged in a row. Car engines having up to six cylinders generally come with inline arrangement.

V-type arrangement

Cars with 8 or more cylinders often have two rows of cylinders which rest at an angle to one another and form a ‘V’ shape.

Flat arrangement

The cylinders are arranged in this arrangement in two rows which lay opposite to one another. Such type of cylinder arrangement is generally found in high-end supercars.

Engine maintenance and care

Engines need to be properly maintained and cared for best performance. Engine problem not only affects your vehicle’s performance but also increases your expenditure significantly. It will be a matter of concern for you especially when you are on tight budget as recurring expenditures on its fixing and maintenance would drain you out financially and mentally. Instead of fixing a problem engine or buying a new one or a new car altogether, a more prudent option would be to install a used engine from the trusted suppliers like Southwest Engines who provide best quality used engines at best price to the vehicle owners all over the US.

If you read Southwest Engines reviews, you will find that the customers have largely praised them for the quality products and customer services. Read the below SWEngine reviews to know how their customers feel about them. These reviews will help you arrive at an informed decision about the used engines offered by SW Engines.

Southwest Engines Reviews

“Ordering process easy and simple.Engine delivered within time frame stated. Engine installed in vehicle now and seems to be doing very good.All in all a good online ordering experience!” - Jimmy, USA

“My engine arrived in very nice shape even shrink-wrapped, with ports covered , Accurate Auto Repair ( installer was impressed, injectors even painted) ,,,, thank you. This Oregon repair facility of 4 said they will use you as needed .And I would use them again also SUV runs great , with new ignition ., water pump , gaskets and Trans flush, Quite and smooth” - Dan

I just ordered a used motor online the process was very simple and I was able to find the low mileage motor that I needed. The price was a little higher than other sites but I didn’t mind because it had a much better warranty. I cant wait for it to arrive ! Thank you! - Michelle J