Southwest Engines reviews speak of their top quality used engines

Engine replacement is a viable and cost-effective option for those who can’t afford to buy new engine or car. Faulty engine can be replaced with a used engine to get smooth and better driving experience. Buying a used engine will definitely cost less compared to new one.

Engine could develop several problems. Some of them are discussed below:

Engine oil pressure warning light is on

If car’s engine oil pressure warning light is on, it means that your engine has lost normal oil pressure. In this condition, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle or turn it off immediately. Engine could be badly damaged without proper oil pressure.

Engine making irritating noise

If your vehicle is making squealing and chirping noise it indicates detonation problem in the cylinder. It happens when gasoline ignites prematurely in the combustion chamber of the cylinders. If you experience popping noise during driving, you should fix it at the earliest.

Replace dirty fuel filter

A fuel filter is placed between car’s fuel pump and fuel injectors. It helps to clean out impurities in the gasoline that fuel pump sends towards the engine. Fuel filter protects the fuel injectors and maintains the overall performance of the engine.

No spark

If engine is causing problem while starting or sparking that means the spark wire is broken or worn out. These wires need to be replaced at the earliest, if you ignore it, internal combustion process won’t work properly. It is important to keep all spark plugs and wires in good condition.

Engine overheating

Overheating is caused by a number of things like low coolant level, faulty thermostat, and clogged radiator etc. If your engine is overheated, you can get the help of experienced mechanics who will examine your vehicle thoroughly.

White smoke

If the vehicle is creating white smoke it means the engine is in worst condition. Engine valve seals or piston rings may be damaged. When it happens, the vehicle consumes lot of oil. If the vehicle constantly gives off white smoke, it indicates that the engine needs to be replaced.

Foul Smell

It occurs due to leakage of the oil or coolant and toxic exhaust gases. If you experience strange smell in your car, you should get the engine checked.

Oklahoma based SWEngines is a leading supplier of used engines in the US. You can get best-fit used engine for your car from them as they have extensive inventory of used engines and sell around 20,000 used engines every year. Moreover, they offer 3 year warranty on parts and labor and ship free to all over the US except Alaska and Hawaii, where paid shipping is provided.

Some of the reviews of their happy customers are provided below:

Southwest Engines Reviews

From: Melvino Davis 2/26/13 To: warranty dept I received the replacement transmission for the sable and it has been installed. It really shifts nice. I want to thank you for being very professional and will look to do business with your company again as well as tell my friends. A special thanks to Dale in parts for his help. — Melvino

Wanted to thank you for my hyundai transmission. so far so good shifts a little higher than my old one did. replaced all external seals and put new filter in used amsoil sp111 rated fluid. christopher storey and thank you all again. — Christopher storey

I would love to installed it on Saturday and after a few adjustments my 97 jeep runs like a Lexus so far so good I am very impressed with you company this is the largest purchase I have ever made on line I was I little nervous but now I am thankful that o went with you. — Kevin B

This Is Dawn Sexton In Alabama the engine is in the truck and running — the guy is getting a few new parts of other things I needed done and the air conditioner up and then back on the road soon thanks for your help — Dawn Sexton

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