Blue Sky

My General Ideas

I have trouble just throwing ideas onto paper and not over-thinking everything. I spent 45 minutes brainstorming and tried to draw anything that came to mind without overthinking.

New Warm-Up Game

Pensively debating her next word

I felt that association games are really beneficial in starting a creative dialougue, so I came up Association Alliteration. A letter of the alphabet is chosen to start off with, and participants go around the circle saying words that begin with that letter and and relate to the previous word. An example starting with “M” could go like this… “Millionaire” “Money” “Merger” “Market” etc.

Session Organization


Chloe Davison is an exchange student here at the U from Australia. She is a Finance major with a minor in management and interactive and visual design. She loves sports and travel. In the past 12 months she has been on four separate around the world trips covering 5 different continents. Just like most other Aussies she loves sports and will be watching on as Australia takes on New Zealand, their old rivals, in the world cup final this coming week.

Masa is 19 years old and is a sophomore at the Carlson School of Management majoring in Marketing and HRIR. She also works part time as a Research Assistant in the Marketing department, and as an Admissions Office Assistant at the Law School. She is involved in student groups like Women in Business and the GLOBE Program, which she really enjoys. Outside of school, she loves to cook/bake, and binge on Netflix. She thinks of herself as ambitious, optimistic, and caring.

Emma is a sophomore majoring in Accounting with a minor in International Business. She is involved in GLOBE and WIB. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading. Her favorite snack as a child was animal crackers.

Priscilla is a 24 year old graduate student from Zurich, Switzerland who currently completes a semester abroad at the University of Minnesota. She has a background in communications and marketing and is part of the MBA program at the Carlson School of Management. Her hobbies include baking and cooking as well as playing tennis in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Priscilla also enjoys spending time outdoors. Being hungry most of the time, she always brings snacks to class for a quick energy boost. Swiss chocolate, preferably with hazelnuts, and granola bars are her go-to snacks.


The ideation session took place in a breakout room in the Carlson School of Management. The room included a wall with a whiteboard, three blank walls, and a long conference table with chairs in the center.

Warm-Up Games Used

We played Association Alliteration as well as Samuri.

Length of Time of Idea Generation + # of Ideas

We spent around an hour on idea generation in total and generated 49 ideas.

Sorting and Voting

The ideas were organized into four categories: Shape, Food, Interactive, and Packaging. For multi-voting, each particpant had 10 votes and would draw an X on an idea that they liked.

Top 10 Ideas From Multi-Voting

1st Session Top Ideas

Top 10 Ideas Overall

For the Top 10 ideas I considered the results of the multi-voting process as well as my ideas from the 45 minute ideation and my client needs (fun, mess-free).

How Might We…

“How might we keep snacking mess-free?” translated from my problem statement, “Erin needs a way to keep snack-time mess-free because her kids freak out if a mess happens”.

My HMW Ideas

For the 2nd Session I used the same group of people. We took an ample amount of time between the two sessions.

Session Results

The categories the ideas were sorted into were During Snacking, Nature of Snacking (altering it), Before Snacking, and After Snacking.

2nd Session Top Ideas