How To Throw A Kid’s Birthday Party On Planned Budget

Well, your child might be all set and excited to celebrate the birthday party in a grand way. But are you running out of the budget and need some immediate assistance? Then worry not! We have some amazing tips on how you can have a splendid birthday party without spending much from your pockets. You can also plan as per your budget with some unique features provided by birthday party planner.

Timing plays an important role

Plan the party at a time where the guests usually don’t expect a full meal. It’s common to have birthday parties celebrated mostly in the evening time. So plan around 4 pm so that you will be able to wind up the party around 7. Have some heavy snacks for the guest as that will suffice them for that time. Also check in advance about the kids birthday party venues.

Start your planning early

Don’t rush at the last moment as everything will seem to be expensive. Start your preparations well in advance so that you will have time to check out various options and get things at a lesser price than they are.

Opt for Digital media

Don’t call people and invite as it might eat up your phone bill. Instead go digital and send the invitations via WhatsApp or any messenger so that you can save a bit of amount here.

Plan accordingly

If your kid’s party falls on the same day as his or her buddy’s, then you can consider going for a dual party at a nice kids birthday party venues which will serve the purpose and saves up the cost up to a single birthday party.

Not to go with party traps

Don’t go for stuff that is sold with birthday party concepts. For example, a birthday party goodie pack may have 5 chocolates and is sold at a higher price when compared to the same chocolates available in bulk in normal large pack. You can go for birthday party planner at an affordable price as they go with the same concept.

Use your network

Use your network contacts to get help and stuff at a lesser price. Make use of the network as that will help you to do more birthday stuff at a reasonable price. For example, you may be planning to serve some heavy snacks and if you know a contact who can prepare them for you at a reasonable price.

Go for simpler celebrations

If your child is too small try skipping the traditional way of celebrating birthday parties and go for a simple and memorable one like a picnic.

Try to prepare personalized theme flavors and use your craft talent to make the venue look great as this will eliminate the need to hire people for the job and also will save cost when it comes to the expensive goody bags.

Online discounts

Instead of buying stuff in store, go for online as you will be able to get better discounts and lots of varieties.

Home-made cake

You can buy the cake base at a nice bakery that tastes good and can go for a homemade touch when it comes to decorating the cake. Cakes are usually charged high due to the creative way it’s decorated.

With these simple tips, you can have a well-planned birthday party and at the same time, you don’t need to worry much about the cost.