Saree craze and worried about looking short? Here is what you should do

Saree is known as beautiful Indian attire. But nowadays it is also popular in some other parts of the Asian sub-continent. It sure has seen the dynasties as well as battles and still it reigns its importance and tradition. As a result of this beautiful attire never fails to decorate in each and every Indian woman’s wardrobe because its appeal is timeless.

If you know how to drape it perfectly, then you are not going to miss the timeless appeal of your saree. It can only be maintained when you know how to wear a saree perfectly. If you wear the saree in an untidy way then it can ruin your day as well as your look. Even now, some women shy away from wearing sarees just because they think that it will look elegant only on tall and slim women.

But the fact is that sarees are for each and every woman. No matter whether you are short or tall, slim or healthy you can look beautiful and classy just by keeping some necessary makeovers in your mind. This article is specifically for such ladies to let you know how to wear a Saree without any flaws if you are short.

Never think about heavy borders or big prints :

  • If you are one among the women who is short and love wearing sarees and also who prefers sarees online shopping then the first rule is to avoid big prints and heavy borders.
  • Medium prints and small prints will look great on you. In addition to that, if you are wearing a saree with the thin border then will make you look tall.
  • If you want to look sensuous then it is better to choose a saree in a solid dark color. Moreover, plain sarees with dark color border will make you look stunning.

Prefer Vertical Stripes Saree :

  • If you are doing online shopping sarees then prefer vertical stripes sarees rather than the one with horizontal stripes.
  • These vertical stripes on a Saree can add an illusion of vertical height so that it will give you a give a tall look. You can avail vertical striped sarees online shopping and that are available in almost all colors. But ensure that the stripes are not way too broad.

Blouse :

  • The same suggestion is applicable here as well. Just like sarees, avoid blouse with horizontal stripes.
  • You can wear a heavy blouse if you are wearing a light saree likewise if your saree is a heavy then go for a plain blouse.
  • But make sure when you are online shopping sarees the stripes on your blouse and the saree are matching with each other. If you are opting for a striped blouse then it is advised to wear plain saree. Well, in some cases a striped blouse goes well on a striped saree.

Accessories :

There are no pre-defined rules for accessories. You just have to wear accessories that can give you added compliment to your look.

Footwear :

Heels are the best option for you since it adds height. But take care that you are not wearing sky high heels since it will bring all the attention to your heels.

Hope you find this article useful. Follow the tips and be a show stopper!

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