When she came knocking

I lie back, stretching my legs and sipping the hot coffee waiting for the weekend loosening to set in. The coffee tastes sour, I could do with some more sugar. But procrastination tied my legs up as I manage to gush the tasteless liquid down my throat. I look at the heap of mess lying around and I felt like those invisible ties on my legs fasten. Maybe some other day. Sigh!
My darting eyes pause at the pile of books. It’s been ages and I miss my own little world with them. It’s not like the world’s a busy place and I’m struggling to catch up. It’s like I can’t recognize myself anymore. I drag myself to the mirror and I stare into those empty eyes. Last week didn’t show any compassion. I was used to this. I could see that the eyelids were almost dropping down and those fresh dark patches around the eyes. But sleep can wait as the things inside my head needs to be sorted first.

There was a sudden knock on the door. Did I hear any footsteps? No. Or was I too immersed in myself? Who could it be? A next-door grandma’s cookie tales or laments, maybe? But whoever it be, I’m in no mood for a conversation. 
I peered through the keyhole. There was no one. 
Puzzled, I opened the door and in front of me stood a kid. Barely 3 years old in cute bunny slippers. She stood there, with a chocolate smeared mouth and demanded "Is there a tooth fairy in real?" I was taken aback! That was a legit question. I thought about all the lies that parents, grandparents and teachers made us believe. Of how they took advantage of our childhood innocence and ignorance.

She stood by the door, with all the worldly purity and demanding an answer to which she clung onto, with all her heart.

I felt pained. She was being deceived. The world is not a fairyland and oh child, you’re no princess. Suddenly I felt deeply protective about this strange little morning visitor. I felt responsible for the world’s fears that she’ll be introduced to, very soon. I felt guilty for the degrading planet, for the demeaned people living here, for the wrathful future awaiting her. I wanted to tell her of those monstrous claws, those untied tongues and invisible ropes that’ll unceasingly pull her back. I wanted to shout out that the world is never what you’ll wish for. Yes. I even wished she wasn’t given birth to, by some ignorant woman.

She tugged my skirt and enquired "is she?" 
I bend down on my knees and touched her face. Those inquisitive eyes made me smile.

No. What she needs is a life. A mentor. A world of love that we’re entitled to provide. A guardian to shower her love in abundance, to hug her tight and say" I’ll always be there". I touched my stomach. Then and there, I made my decision. I’ll bring him to the world. I’ll make him a good human being. I’ll help him through the struggles and I’ll tell him, you can always be your own teacher and you will light a path for yourself and others. It’s never running away from your fears. It’s always finding the right person to endure and overcome them with. 
I hugged the little girl in front of me and said " thank you, and oh yes! Who said tooth fairies aren’t real?"