Life is all ups and downs, let’s talk about it.

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What Exactly is Ebb and Flow?

Even “perfect” things can be improved

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Intentional Criticism Is an Art

From my perspective, let’s do better.

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If you ever wanted to think like a successful person, here are a few things they do well.

Photo by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash Picked this photo because it really makes you think what you are looking at.

Among many life skills forgotten in traditional schooling, leadership needs to be mandatory.

visualization of leadership
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Social media platforms have become an unhealthy place of expression.

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Time is all we have, let's not waste it.

time, hourglass
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Properly utilizing an “in-between” job might be just what you need.

city buildings
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During my coding journey I tried many many sites and apps and these are the few I found to be most helpful!

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Everyone should have multiple moments like this in their life!

Photo by Myself (Shaun Wetzel)

Shaun Wetzel

Just a man writing about life's fascinating experiences. Striving to educate my readers as we all search for the meaning of life. Let's learn together!

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