Slackware Current

Slackware is well-known as rock solid Linux distribution and popular as Server OS, but can we use Slackware as workstation? The answers is yes, we can. There comes another question, can we get the most update software package in Slackware? Since we know that Slackware just include stable and well-tested software package. The answer is why don’t give a try for Slackware Current?

The different between Slackware and Slackware current is just in Slackware current we will get the latest software package that will be include in next Slackware version, you can say it’s more like beta test for Slackware user. And how we get this Slackware current? Should I need to reinstall my machine?

Since Slackware current is beta test for the next version of Slackware we don’t need to reinstall our machine, we just need to change our repository link into Slackware current. To make this work more easier we can use slackpkg.


Slackpkg is software management for Slackware package and was included in Slackware since version 13.0. Slackpkg is just curses based and run in shell (bash), it’s similar with pkgtool. The advantage using slackpkg is we just need file ChangeLog.txt whenever the locations of that file, we can direct it into CD/DVD, internet connection (ftp / http) mount directory (mount nfs, sshfs), or even in some directory in our machine.

How To Setup Slackpkg

Actually is the same like we want to update our Slackware, we just change the repository direction into Slackware current repository. So, we need to edit slackpkg mirrors file. Open slackpkg mirrors with your favorite text editor

vim /etc/slackpkg/mirrors

For Indonesian people we can use repository from Mr. Willy’s, or you can check AlienBob Slackware repository

Indonesian Slackware Repository
AlienBob Slackware Repository

Beside using online repository, with slackpkg we can use offline repository and is more convenient. We can avoid unstable internet connection, make sure to do complete upgrade since it’s more easy to do from our machine. We just need to download Slackware current file into our machine and edit slackpkg mirrors and change the configuration so it will direct into our directory that contain Slackware current.

#Local Directory

Before we start updating process, we need to setting slackpkg blacklist file. So, our software package that not came from Slackware will not be deleted. Open slackpkg blacklist file with your favorite text editor.

vim /etc/slackpkg/blacklist
#This one will blacklist all SBo packages:
#This one will blacklist Alien packages:

Then, now we can start to updating our Slackware into Slackware current version. Enter the following commands in your terminal.

  1. slackpkg update
  2. slackpkg install-new
  3. slackpkg upgrade-all
  4. slackpkg clean-system

Note: You need to be root user when editing file from slackpkg and when execute slackpkg command.

Warning: Slackware current is beta release for the next version, so even Patrick just put stable version for every software package but there is no guarantee that your machine will not break. So, Do it with your own risk.

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