Join our Multilingual Media Hackathon

We at SWI publish in ten languages. Our daily news meetings involve discussions in at least three, sometimes five, languages. This degree of diversity could be seen as a liability; we consider it our greatest asset.

That’s why we are organizing a hackathon on empowering linguistic diversity in newsrooms on Feb. 21–22, 2020 to mark the International Mother Language Day, which celebrates linguistic diversity.

Here’s a list of things we could tackle together:

  1. Translate/adapt long-form stories

Other ideas? Let us know!

The hackathon will take place at the SWI newsroom in Bern, Switzerland. It is open to journalists, programmers, designers, researchers and innovators from Switzerland and elsewhere. We will put its learnings on a public repository and we’ll share them here.

More info

List of challenges



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