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Do not look at scoreboards in “Getting Started” Competitions.

The purpose of this article is to warn new kagglers before they waste their time on trying to get an impossible score. Some kagglers got maximum accuracy with one click. Before we discuss how they did it and why — let’s introduce shortly Kaggle scoring model to understand why would even somebody try to cheat.

Kaggle is a portal where data scientists, machine learning experts, and analytics can challenge their skills, share knowledge, and take part in various competitions. And it is open to every level of experience — from complete newbie to grandmaster. …

Good practices

Writing maintainable and reliable charts with few tricks

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Just decided to wrote your first helm chart? Looking for clues on how to start? Scrolling through helm docs all day? Randomly clicking on articles on medium?

You landed in a perfect place to organize your thoughts and get to know some of the good practices.

Helm is a powerful tool for applying, updating, and managing applications on Kubernetes. Helm Community creates a lot of open-source charts. You can deploy Redis, Nginx, or Prometheus-operator with one command. And they come with all things we need like services, ingress.

Helm allows focusing on the most important values

In this guide, I will describe the fastest way to create a basic chart, present useful commands and show best practices to make chart creation process more enjoyable. I will not focus on aspects of go template language because most of them are covered in helm documentation. This guide is for more abstract aspects and presents ideas to improve your workflow. …

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Terraform ideas

Worth knowing facts before you start writing PagerDuty infrastructure code

Terraform is well known for his vast choice of providers. Among these, we can find PagerDuty integration. If you are having a lot of services, users and teams inside PagerDuty you should consider making such infrastructure managed as IaC.

As you spend more and more time writing HCL code you are going to find a few things which you may tolerate or can be completely unacceptable. I do not want to say that terraform PagerDuty provider is bad. Actually, I use it and recommend it. But let’s look at what I discovered in my first attempts.

Automate your dashboards creation with grafanalib for Python

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For those who do not know — Grafana is a tool to visualize your metrics/logs from multiple data sources in easy way by dashboards. For more info about its capabilities read here. Creating dashboards is easy but monotonic and boring in the long term when you have to manually click every setting for every graph. We are going to make this process less schematic.

Grafana dashboards are provided in json format. Most of us create dashboards and then paste it into a folder where we keep our dashboards or into configMaps if you are using prometheus-operator like me.


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