Better than meditation
Buster Benson

Buster, thanks for this great post. I have started to be a “good person” as you call people that are subscribed to 750words, and I totally get what you are talking about in the article, not because of intelectual understanding, but from my personal experience after 7 days of use.

Another praise I have for the product is the gamification part of it, that makes you want to stick with it moving forward, and also the analytics part, which is just great to see how I use language. I can clearly see if I’m looking into the past, present or future, if I’m positive or negative, if I’m talking about me all the time or I give space for others inside my free writing.

Thanks for creating and thanks for the insights from this post, and I also think that meditation and 750words can work together in a very cool “self-discovery” partnership!

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