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“The goal of your entire sale funnel and platform is to solve your customer’s problem. When you know the problem, and you build content to draw them in, then offer them a product or service to solve their problem, that’s when the real magic happens. However, getting to that stage takes work and you have to garner their awareness first.”(

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is an optimized group of steps to attract someone to become your guest. The best online sales funnels help your guests quickly decide they want to book with you and easily transition from interested party to paying customer in a simple, consistent and appealing way. This way, from the moment potential guests, become aware of you they are carried along on a journey that increases your margins and helps you provide exceptional booking experiences for guests, automatically, no matter how they discover you.

The sales funnel strategy is so named because, in diagram form, this particular marketing and sales strategy looks just like a funnel!

The Swift Harbour sales funnel, is a purpose-built version of this concept, specifically designed for marinas and campgrounds to optimize and automate their sales processes to not only convert and delight customers but onboard them in a way that doesn’t require any time commitments from your staff.

What Are the Key Ingredients for Any Successful Sales Funnel? refers to the key ingredients of an optimized sales conversion funnel as the three F’s. They are (from the top of the funnel to the bottom) fuel, foundation, and follow-up. (

1. Fuel — This is where potential guests (your target audience) first get interested in your resort and enter into your funnel. They typically are attracted to your resort because of the promise of an exceptional and high-quality resort experience through your website, online marketing efforts, promotions or social media. Digital marketing like great web experiences, landing pages, Facebook and Instagram pages, pictures, and content marketing are surefire ways to fuel customer demand. More modern techniques such as chatbots to answer FAQs, email marketing newsletter signups and social proof of guest demand are becoming popular ways to produce strong results. Social Media Videos, Youtube guidebooks, pre-recorded webinars and even testimonials to encourage word of mouth marketing can also be very effective to get guests interested in your resort. No matter what online “fuel” you use, with Swift Harbour, all your customers will always be brought to the same consistent process to book, provide credit card information to you, and more in the fewest amount of clicks.

2. Foundation — This is where the real magic happens. The foundation section of your funnel is where leads move through the majority of their buyer’s journey ( Here, they learn about your resort offering, what’s included with purchase, what the price is (your unique service proposition) and ultimately are convinced to give you their business. Swift Harbour is fine-tuned to take care of the foundation details of your resort’s foundation, optimizing your buyer’s journey, while getting you all the information you need like having your guest agree to your booking policies, liability waivers (including bio-health and safety guidelines) and PCI compliant credit card information.

3. Follow-Up — Keeping potential guests on track, or bringing existing back into your sales funnel are a key part of the Swift Harbour Sales funnel and this is where the follow-up stage comes in. This part of the funnel is meant to redirect leads who have exited (or completed) your funnel and bring them back into the onboarding sales process to increase your conversion rates.

Great answers to FAQs, Chatbots, upsells*, auto email marketing campaigns, video / webinar / guidebook digital marketing, and Facebook social media and Google retargeting ads (coming soon)* make up the bulk of this stage, as does great customer service should a potential guest need to talk to someone in person.

Mixing your ingredients for perfect results

While it can feel overwhelming to consider your best fuel, foundation and follow-up mix, you can rest assured as the Swift Harbour team offers a free consultation for all customers on how to optimize your sales funnel, how to set up credit card payments and more free of charge.

Get your free sales funnel assessment from the Swift Harbour team. Sign-up at

Written by James Copeland who flies planes and designed awesome apps for a living (Founder of and

Tips for Tip-Top Sales Performance From the Pros

“Your website’s landing page is the first impression potential customers will instantly have of your business. Therefore, take the time to make sure that it looks great. A good landing page will also encourage visitors to sign up for some sort of list, or subscribe to the website. This gives you that all-important contact information, which becomes your first line of communication.”


“People ignore interruptive marketing because it feels forced and disingenuous. UGC on the other hand sparks an emotional reaction from the viewer because they can imagine themselves in a similar situation and identify with the experience of fellow shoppers they trust.

Whether with customer reviews, Instagram photos, customer Q&A or another form of UGC, social proof is a key pillar of marketing for online businesses because shoppers with similar tastes, needs and purchasing preferences are able to influence each other.”


“When constructing your main front-end products and associated upsell offers, you should be engineering them with the additional mindset of . . . how will this help create more desire for the next [backend] offer [you’re] going to present them with,”


“Offer your customers who just bought or are about to buy a product or service the opportunity to upsize, or upgrade, that service. For example, create an offer that will deliver even more benefit to the customer if he or she upgrades. This strategy is called an upsell.”


Get your free sales funnel assessment from the Swift Harbour team. Sign-up at

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