Frodo Baggins for President

I really like this idea a lot. I think it could work. But I’m having trouble working out the details of a situation where running mates haven’t been selected yet.

Let’s take the Democrats as an example. Let’s say that Bloomberg jumps in as a trustee candidate. Wouldn’t Democratic primary voters worry that Bloomberg would pick someone crazy to be his running mate were he to get the nomination? Let’s say he goes McCain ‘08 on us and picks someone that scares away voters. And then, due in part to that pick, a non-trustee Republican or Independent wins the presidency.

Is there a way, at the primary stage, to correct for this type of problem? Would the trustee have to name a running mate right up front? And if that’s the requirement, then now you’ve got to have a trustee candidate AND a legit presidential hopeful who pins their hopes on the issue of campaign finance reform.

Which I think is great, but will be a doubly steep hill to climb to find two candidates who are excited about this.

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