Subsidizing social action

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Rootstrikers. TooBigHasFailed. The NRA. MoveOn. The Tea Party Express.

These organizations provide a subsidy on social action. They do the research, figure out who the key players are, and work to make meaningful action as easy as possible. They put in the investment (the subsidy) so that we everyday folks can take action without spending our life on that action.

Subsidizing social action can be profoundly effective. So, while activism that relies solely on “likes” and “retweets” is never going to change the world, and while slactivism is not the answer to all our questions, there seems to be something really productive and useful about “liking” the facebook page or “following” the twitter stream of one of these activism subsidizers.

We’re basically saying “sure, you can subsidize my activism on this topic.”

Originally published at on May 28, 2013.

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