How to deal with haters

Have you ever wondered why your friends are continuously undermining your achievements? Do you end up apologizing to everyone all the time? Here’s why.

Haters are everywhere these days. From celebrities to the common man, everyone encounters haters at some part of their lives. Haters are like sharks waiting for their prey. Whenever someone tries moving past them, they try to tear them to pieces.

I have dealt with a lot of haters throughout my life. So even if I’m not a professional emotional therapist, I can tell you a few tips to deal with them.

So next time you see a hater ruining your beautiful life, try these steps to stay safe. Haters are types of people that have a lot of jealousy. But don’t let their jealousy ruin your life.

Before we jump in, let’s find out how you can tell whether you are a victim of a hater. To do that I’m going to give you a few statements which you need to answer honestly.

Check yes or no for the following list and let’s continue after that.

1) They undermine your achievements continuously.
2) Everyone has started to ignore you for no reason.
3) Your immediate environment has become hostile and you end up apologizing every time.
4) Your friends are purposely isolating you.

If you have more than two ticks for the above list, it means you are facing a rough time with a lot of haters. So now let’s see how you could rectify the problem.

1) Try to become a lone wolf and start working on yourself

When the world turns its back on you, you need to turn your back on the world. Keep that in mind. Stop trying to convince them.

You haven’t done anything wrong, they are just butthurt because you are having it better than them.

The first thing you need to do here is to buy a new phone number and keep it to yourself. Only use it to talk to your family members or to your spouse. Simply put try to have some privacy.

Then rectify all your drawbacks. Because these will be the targets the haters will aim for. If you are getting late for work regularly, stop it right away, or they might even get your boss to fire you.

Haters may try to gain access to your personal details directly or indirectly, the more you tell them the more vulnerable you will be towards their attacks. I have personally fallen for this, which is why I’m telling you to steer clear of this.

Do not open up to anyone other than the people you trust the most (family members). In order to stay strong, you need to be alone. If you are constantly meeting them on the subway train or along your road, change the route, try getting a taxi. In a word try going “poof” from their world.

2) Go on a self-date

Maybe now your friends are all gone, or worse have allied with your haters, in such a situation the best way to loosen up your stressed mind is to go on a self-date.

Go and get some fresh air, go for a walk. But don’t do anything that is dangerous or things that need a lot of concentration. Because at this time your mind is disturbed and you might hurt yourself while trying to do such things.

3) Dodge their bullets

Most of the time haters will try to isolate you and show you that they are having a fun time without you. While you are figuring out what has gone wrong, they might even post photos on a social media platform to make you jealous.

In such a case the worst thing to do is to look at those photos. When you do you will feel sorry and miserable. To avoid that, cut down all the connections you have with them, at least temporarily.

The best way to do is to take a break and deactivate your social media accounts. Stop watching their statuses in WhatsApp and stop looking at their posts on Facebook. Instead, in your free time try reading a book.

4) Do not engage in romantic affairs with new people from your immediate hostile surroundings

Maybe that John is always bullying you actively or passively. But you see this girl Heather who is always standing beside you suddenly. If this is the case, beware of this Heather more than that John. She’s out there to hurt you miserably to the core.

Together they can even make you commit suicide. So don’t ever get into a romantic relationship with someone like that. Just be polite and move on, and stay safe.

When you are romantically engaged with a person you will be more vulnerable. It’s a common thing in today’s society to use romantic relationships to seek revenge and to hurt people. So steer clear from such traps.

5) Practice mindfulness and concentration

The more we worry about problems, the more disturbed our minds will be. The problem exacerbates as long as you keep thinking about the bad stuff that happened to you throughout the day. So stop thinking about such things. The past has gone and the future isn’t here yet. So live in the present.

Sight, sound and feel the world. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Root yourself in the present moment. The best way to do this is to concentrate on your breathing, even while keeping your eyes open.

Concentrating on your breath will bring you to the present moment. Practice it for a while. Just say that you are writing something and you hear others passing your rude comments or hints towards you. In such a situation the best thing is to concentrate fully on what you are writing than about their rude comments.

When you do this continuously, your concentration will increase and your brain will learn to focus more and ignore others. Doing this also backfires a shot at your haters. You are sending them this message. “No matter what you say, that ain’t gonna bother me at all”

6) Don’t try to confront them

Maybe your hater is smaller or poorer than you, but remember he or she is not alone. That person may be giving you a hard time, and when you grow tired of it and try to confront it, half of the class/ the coworkers may turn up and blame you, or you might even get fired from your job.

In a battle like this, you are alone, and the chances are the haters are greater in number than you can see. So don’t let them have this advantage unless the situation is lethal, and if that is the case, use whatever the means necessary.

If someone is bullying you continuously at school or at work, the best thing to do is to record it. This way you will have a higher chance to prove your claim if you need to file a lawsuit.

There are video cameras that are so small that they can be mounted on your spectacles. Some can even be worn under a shirt collar like a button. You can buy such one easily on eBay.

Likewise, try to gather some digital proof. There are voice recorders disguised as pens, so if you own one, you will have a greater chance to hear what they are speaking in your absence.

7) Boost your achievements while ignoring the haters

Don’t let their hate slow down your success. Work as hard as you can. Jealous people will have a lot of concentration issues. So consider that a bonus and focus more on your work.

When they are spending time hating you and spreading rumors, get yourself to work. Try cutting off time from your sleep, cut down the time you spend playing video games and listening to songs. Try learning a new skill, start a part-time business or do something like that.

At least try to gain some knowledge by reading books. Our society celebrates financial success and the more you succeed, happier you will feel. Happiness will increase your social wellbeing.

If you are just a mediocre in your class, try focusing on getting higher grades. When you do this your achievements will go up rapidly. Finally, you will be able to leave your haters and move on with your life happily.

This is the technique I use to battle the haters that I encounter in my life. You can try it too. If you think this article is helpful please give me some claps. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too.