A Hill On Which He Sat

A hill on which he sat, letting the sun sink behind him. His dog, little Sadie, pushed her cold nose against his ankle. It had been a warm day. He didn’t wear socks on warm days, he didn’t like them much. He had no socks on today, Sadie’s cold nose a little shock on his bare ankle. He patted her head. The clouds danced in front of him, a paintbrush moving across the sky.

A hill on which he sat, letting the shadows grow long around him. His dog, little Sadie, curled up between his bare ankles. It had been a long day. He didn’t much care to be on his feet after days like today. His back will hurt when he wakes up the next day, he knew. His back was warm tonight, though. The sun was sleeping behind him.

A hill on which he sat, letting the grass grow up to his bare ankles. The sun had completely sunk behind him and his dog, little Sadie, was snoring loudly. The sky was brilliant shades of purple and blue, but a small red streak ran down one side of the sky. He enjoyed the evening sky like this. Dappled and warm and dark. A star winked at him from behind a cloud.

A hill on which he sat, watching the moon rise above the trees. The moon smiled at him, his ankles were cold, and his dog, little Sadie was chasing flies. His back will hurt tomorrow, he knew, but this was worth it. Little Sadie jumped in his lap, and the sky sang to them both.