A stranger approaches and compliments your shirt. “I love the pattern,” they say, “Where did you get it?” You’re a little cautious — people aren’t usually so friendly — but you accept. The stranger asks about your education, your career aspirations, and where you think you’re headed in life.

A little deep for a stranger, but you let it slide.

The stranger says you’d be a great fit to meet their mentors. They mention a young couple who, apparently, made clever financial decisions and retired with millions in their twenties. The stranger tells you their mentors want to share this…

think about it!

I’ve written between ten and twenty business ideas per day for the last forty days. There are a lot of benefits to this kind of constant practice, but here I’ll mention a few that stand out.

To practice disciplined creativity.

I used to think that creative moments were like being struck by lighting — as if for some reason the stars aligned and some divine inspiration suddenly became clear. After around two-hundred ideas, I realized there is an “idea reserve” that we all tend to pull from, a framework or concept that we repackage and reinvent as “new” ideas.

After that point, creativity —…

Supreme lines… every Thursday… just like this.

Because of how visual contemporary culture has become (every product has a campaign, every song has a video, etc) one of the most common value propositions by new companies is their “brand. With all the talk about the importance of “tribe” and finding your “1000 true fans”, combined with the ease of creating digital properties, this is not surprising.

In most cases, brand is a UNIQUE value proposition (no two brands are alike) but it is not DEFENSIBLE. …


As someone with little faith in the traditional program of schools, I have to preface this with the disclaimer that what you are about to read will involve compromise and probably a thing or two that you won’t like.

I don’t care about that.

What I do care about is how higher-education is treated as a glorified insurance policy meant to alleviate any discomfort around “slipping through the cracks,” in our society. …

We asked him to strike a pose, and he didn’t disappoint! Photo: Curtis Hayashi

Make no mistake. Blue jeans, smile, and all, Jack Rabanal is serious. Spend a few moments with him, and you’ll start to recognize a certain carefulness— a layer of intention, if you will— that seems to mark his presence.

I had the chance to get to know Jack over the course of a few months doing community service around the gym at Washington Middle School, a comfortably-plain, rectangle of a building dropped into the center of the campus.

Jack is a program leader teaching breakdancing (or, breaking as it’s more appropriately known) at After School All Stars, an organization that…

Noah Williams

What would you have to see to go somewhere new?

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