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Swimmerix has created a gadget for swimmers at all levels

London. Swimmerix Ltd announces the launch of a revolutionary device that will transform pool sessions for swimmers at all levels — from absolute beginners to Olympic champions.

“Our developers have applied new thinking to their approach to pool training. Now swimmers can get information about their progress on the go, anywhere in the pool at any stage of the program,” said Swimmerix CEO Yaroslav Issakov. “Armed with Swimmerix, swimmers at any level can select a ready-made training program or create personalized, individual regimes of their own. Then, in the pool, they can ensure they execute it thanks to easy-to-follow recommendations in real time.”

The fundamental difference from rival products is in the visuals. Swimmers can read the data they choose from a portable poolside display base. This is small enough to mount on the pool wall or beside the water but large enough to be clearly visible at any stage of the training routine. The base works in tandem with a light, comfortable wristband that transmits instructions via a built-in four-color LED.

This device, a disruptive innovation in swim training, was inspired by the needs of today’s swimmers and brought to life by the power of proven technologies.

The developers at Swimmerix have separated the display from the tracker. This ensures completely accurate data measurements in the pool by giving two points where readings can be taken.

Both the base and the wristband are fitted with transceivers that seamlessly share information across a dedicated radio channel. This guarantees an uninterrupted flow of data even when the swimmer is underwater. At any stage of a training session, it is possible to record, process and transmit data and instructions in real-time.

As well as the data display on the base, a four-color LED can give swimmers clear instructions during the work out via four simple color-coded commands: green — accelerate; blue — continue with the current routine; yellow — slow down; red — end the training session.

Each instruction and training program is guided by a complex algorithm based on the recording, processing and sharing of personal data, taking into account the swimmer’s individual characteristics and goals.

Swimmerix doesn’t only help in the pool. All the data collected during the swim is stored in the cloud and it’s easy for users to access up-to-the-minute info. Swimmerix is building an app that makes it easy to look up the results of previous training sessions and choose the right workouts for the future — whether users want to create bespoke programmes or download existing routines designed to help achieve common targets such as losing weight, looking good or increasing strength and stamina. Swimmers can also share your results on social media, comparing with their friends to motivate each other to do more.

Swimmerix has already produced a handful of working products and is looking for investors to expand production and bring it to the market.

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