Bronze Medallion Lifeguard Course in Singapore- Level Up Training to Veteran

Since swimming is your most fervent sport, ever thought of establishing a career out of it? Yes, you have heard right, for an experienced swimmer there are numerous scopes to explore, but to seize that opportunity you have to become skilled enough to handle various circumstances. This is exactly where SwimSafer comes into existence i.e., to provide you with well-designed swimming classes at different stages and make you proficient enough to perform several skills and lifesaving techniques. Our program is being managed by a team of professional people, as a learner, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality of our swimming program which shapes you in a way that makes you become capable.

All About Bronze Medallion Lifeguard Course

Certification of the Bronze Medallion lifeguard course clarifies that you are efficient enough to save a person from drowning accidents. This also uncovers various opportunities to work as a certified lifeguard, skilled in survival skills, capable of performing a rescue, aware of the first aid skills, and nationally recognized as talented.

The SwimSafer bronze medallion lifeguard course includes Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3 stages, followed by Bronze Medallion and CPR certification courses. After the completion of the Bronze Medallion, you are considered a certified lifeguard and one can pursue to a higher level. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced personnel and categorized as:

• Lifesaving 1- The stage let you build up the water confidence. You learn basic swimming skills like floating, submerging, breathing techniques, and swimming for 100 meters with basic strokes.

• Lifesaving 2- The stage make you aware of CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, rescuing in an emergency situation, and swim a recognized stroke for 150 meters comfortably.

• Lifesaving 3- This Lifesaving course is clearly at the next level and perhaps the most important one. The course includes tread water without using your arm, sculling water with arms only, rescuing an unconscious casualty and performing a ready position. Our trainers make you proficient in emergency rescue situations, underwater recovery and defensive and release techniques. At this stage, you become capable of swimming 50 meters in two recognized strokes.

• Bronze Medallion & CPR- After Lifesaving 1, 2, 3 courses, you’ll gain proficiency in the land or water based rescuing scenario, aftercare, CPR, and rescuing a submerged casualty.

Give yourself a chance to excel in swimming. If you are planning to become a proficient swimmer, then do reach us at SwimSafer.SG or send us an email