21 Years Ago

I love how she makes me feel, something that I never felt before.
Something I thought I would never feel.
Incredible and wondrous, a simple touch or gaze, making me feel something so unreal.

Like when I gaze into her eyes that leave me in a trance forever.
It’s her eyes I will always crave to greet in the mornings to come.
In her eyes, I do see a thousand doorways.

When I see her amazing smile.
That smile that will always make me melt, time and time again.

And when that beautiful angel kisses me, it leaves me wanting more.
So much passion, I still feel it when my fingers touch my lips.
That first kiss that will always be on my mind.

When she holds me in her embrace making me feel loved.
The embrace I never want to leave that makes me melt in her arms.
Her embrace makes me want to stay like that forever.

Then she gives me a simple touch, a light brush of her arm.
It’s her touch that sends sensations running throughout my body.
Always making me crave and desire her more.
It’s her touch I can’t get enough of.

When she gets happy when she sees me.
Making me feel special, like I alone am able to make her happy at that moment.
Like if all she wanted to do was see me.

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