Just a moment…

Just a moment… No rhymes… No sex… No fluff…

Thank you for being in my life once again and making me happy and alive.

Although our distance is great, the closeness I gain from you every single day fills my soul.

I love it when my entire world stops, with just the simplest thought of you. The DEEPEST physical desire I have to touch you almost suffocates me.

To feel you in my arms, your skin pressed to mine, knowing you are safe and happy, is at the top of a very short list of things I desire from this life.

Wishing I could help you see how wonderful you are to me, the best I can offer is to share everything I am with you and hope to touch your heart.

I know the odds are against me, and circumstances are not always perfect, but I will always be here for you, in the light or in the shadows.

I love you.

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