Colin Kaepernick has nothing in common with Muhammad Ali

​I am confused as to why people are seeing any sort of correlation between Muhammad Ali refusing to be inducted into the U.S. Army and Colin Kaepernick bench warming during the national anthem. That is like comparing winning a high school state title to the Superbowl. You tell me what makes a bigger statement; refusing to be selected for the Army, getting stripped of your heavyweight title, being sentenced to 5 years in prison, and being fined $10,000 in 1967 or deciding to sit down during the national anthem with no repercussion whatsoever? Exactly, there is no comparison. One guy took a strong hard stance and put his entire life’s work in jeopardy and the other just did it to bring attention to himself and the issue. I can’t believe people can look at themselves seriously after saying something like this. You have to have little to no common sense to think one has a similar impact as the other. Look, I respect Kaepernick for passionately believing in something and using his right as an American citizen to voice his opinion and act how he feels is right but what he did is no sacrifice to the cause. He is not putting himself in harm’s way in order to bring notoriety to his beliefs, so why are people in the media trying to compare him to someone who did? To be honest what are people talking about more the oppression of the black community in America or Kaepernick’s actions? You can make the argument that his action is being talked about more than the actual issue. In other words it is ok to take a contrarian viewpoint and applaud Kaepernick for bringing awareness but please don’t compare him to someone who brought legitimate pain to himself and career in order to spread his message. One person had an impact and one didn’t, end of discussion.

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