Golden State’s Run For History

While what Golden State is doing right now is unprecedented not only in the NBA but in all of professional sports I still can’t give into the notion that they are amongst histories “greatest teams”. Today’s NBA is such a different dynamic than the days of Dr. J’s Sixers, Isiah’s Pistons, MJ’s Bulls, or Larry’s Celtics. If you merely rub up against someone else you get called for a foul, if you bump into someone you need to come out for a breather, if you are fouled even remotely more than a slap on the wrist you need to head to the locker room. It’s no wonder that the NBA’s version of “small ball” is taking over the league. Spread the floor, be athletic, and use combo forwards and guards. I mean look at the warrior’s roster and is it intimidating or even littered with superstars? Nope. You have Steph and Thompson a legit 1–2 combo and then you have guys like Draymond Green who if he was on any other team would be averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds, and then you have a group of nice players but none that you game plan around. Do you think Steph would be going behind the back, no look, jump steps through the lane on any of the teams mentioned above? Not after he gets laid out and needs to be peeled off the ground after his first drive. You think Green is going to toss up a triple double on Scottie Pippen or Larry Bird? Just thinking about that almost made me wet myself. So while you have to give it to them and the entire staff and front office for what they have and are in the midst of accomplishing lets ease up on the “greatest” talks. I know the media is a “what have you done for me today” gossip engine but let’s put things in perspective here. The Dubs are a well built, deep team, that are ahead of their time and have found the best way to exploit today’s NBA but put them in a dirty physical 7 game series with some of the teams mentioned above and they are out in 5 maybe 6.

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