In Today’s Sad News George Clooney Has Self-Esteem Issues

I was devastated today to hear that George Clooney, the one time, obviously before Ben, most eligible bachelor on the planet has decided to “hang up his cleats” and stop acting. Poor George, but wait, he is a Hollywood star shouldn’t he just head down to his local plastic surgeon or Botox specialist and magically look 15 years younger? I thought that is what the Hollywood “elite” did these days? Maybe he doesn’t want to spend any of his $180M net worth and save it for retirement?

I wonder if he is getting bullied down at the country club or harassed poolside at the Four Seasons. You really have to feel bad for the guy, seeing that face up on the big screen and those crows feet peaking through that makeup has to really stir up some emotion in him. Good luck in your second career George, you can do it!!

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