Roger Goodell starring in Godfather Part IV

​Don’t get too focused on the findings made by the NY Times on how the NFL knowingly hid concussion results to downplay the effects and the widespread problem in the NFL because there was another story that will most likely be trumped by those findings but is also significant. Apparently back in 2014 the St. Louis Rams made a deal with Mob Boss Roger Goodell; whether it was a wink and a handshake deal, or a country club deal made over a glass of scotch, we will never know but the details that are speculated are astounding. According to NFL Reporter Howard Balzer and multiple other sources the Rams, as compensation for drafting Michael Sam the first openly Gay player to enter the NFL, would not be in the running to be part of HBO’s series Hard Knocks. Additionally the league figured since St. Louis was in close proximity to Sam’s college, The University of Missouri, it would be the perfect landing spot for him. It gets juicier from there….

Balzer also speculates that the league office made separate hand shake agreements with teams around the league to make sure that Ethan Westbrooks a defensive end from West Texas A&M would not be drafted by other teams at the tail end of the 7th round so that the Rams could snag him as an undrafted free agent. Westbrooks went on to make the 53-man roster that year. Westbrooks also received a $20,000 signing bonus and $30,000 in guaranteed money for the first year of his contract.

Balzer’s report also questions whether the decision to assign the Rams the Hard Knocks series in 2016 was included in this deal to secure approval for the team’s move to Los Angeles. Same goes for the decision to send the Rams to China for a game in 2018. Interesting, almost sounds like a deal with the devil. You do one favor and you are in debt for the rest of time.

Incredible, the NFL is turning into some old man’s club. Next up….we will punish a team for “allegedly” deflating balls during a cold weather game that they won by 40!!!!

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