Justin Thomas Talk (PGA Champion)

With Justin Thomas winning the PGA Championship over the weekend I thought it appropriate to write a few things about the him and importantly his golf swing.

I have been a fan of Justin Thomas for a long time, he has that perfect combination of grit and class, not to mention a very underrated putting stroke and a great group of friends.

There are so many things you could attribute to Thomas winning a major, I believe spending so much time with fellow players and friends Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler helps, but what I want to talk about is his golf swing.

Justin Thomas is another one of these young players who has come out on tour hitting it a mile and has made a name for themselves early. And a lot of people are attributing this rise of successful young players to them being such long hitters and them being fearless, which may be kind of true. But I think it has a lot more to do with technique then people think.

These young guys, Thomas especially have these brilliant golf swings that when they swing harder, or try and hit the ball farther, they actually end up making a better move as a result.

The way they are applying force, through their wrists and lower bodies, creating amazing leverage that allows a high degree of accuracy is nothing short of amazing. In the final round Thomas hit a drive he hardly watched on 16 that CARRIED 319 yards, then the following hole he hit a 7 iron from a little over 220 yards. As the speed of his golf swing increases with the pressure of the moment, so improves his golf swing.

When you learn to apply force with a golf swing, like Justin Thomas, you can’t but help to start find some great areas in technique. If you don’t find these areas but hit the ball the same distance, you simply wont break 90. So instinctively, kids or young people find the right areas to play from, if they aren’t interrupted in their development.

The areas I like in Justin Thomas’ golf swing are firstly the wind up; he finds all the important areas when winding up to apply force effectively. Which are creating a deep hip turn, working the club fractionally steep of the original shaft plane, keeping the hands wide and finally allowing the angle to come out of the left hand and into the right; a sign the hands and arms will stop turning when the body does as they are moving around and in sync. All these things give Thomas a simple option of moving aggressively, but doing it rather freely.

The one unique move that he posses, that is probably impossible to teach, is how he actually gets a little wider with his hands and arms on the way down. Similar to how David Toms does, this allows him to maintain even more leverage coming down. This move may be what gets him over the line as what I would say as the pound for pound longest hitter on the PGA Tour.

With his golf swing, and putting stroke, its just matter of staying healthy and motivated for Justin Thomas. But seeing as though his buddy Jordan Spieth still has more majors I’m sure he will be fine.

And, moral of the story teach kids to hit it hard first and straight later.

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